Thursday, February 26, 2009

HaPpY aNnIvErSaRy To WhO............

TO US!! It was Devin and my three year anniversary yesterday (the 25th of February). I meant to post something all day but Devin had the computer for school stuff. Anyway, yep three years even though some days it has felt like longer, ha ha. You don't have to worry about this post being all cheesy because I am not going to make it that way. I might be a cheesy person sometimes but my marriage is not. It's VERY REAL, so real in fact I am not even going to put that these past three years have been the best of my life. Yes there are good days and some bad but let's face it we are in a marriage and sometimes it can be hard. I will say this much I love my husband more than anything and I know he loves me the same. I also know that we our committed to working through things and being there for one another for the best and the worst. I also know that we would fight for each other and our marriage. To me that's what counts. Devin and I have both been through so much in our previous relationships we both know there is no such thing as perfect or fairytale and luckily for that we have a great relationship and we are each others best friends. Like I have said before even on our worst day there is nobody else I would rather share my life with and I am thankful we found each other because I know I have someone that would do anything for me and our family and that loves me with complete honesty. So who needs prince charming when I got my Wesley (don't worry Dev knows what this means) and as far as happy endings go we don't need that either because we get forever to figure it out!

Lets take a look at the last three years, I apologize some of these pictures are bad. I was too lazy to go find the discs for some so they are taken from pictures on my wall. lol

Engagement pictures

Wedding day February 25, 2006

Our Honeymoon in Hawaii

Sometime after we got married

Sealing Day October 13, 2007

Gracie Nicole Jensen was born July 1, 2008

Our little Family

Last night after dinner at Red Lobster and our couple massages! It was a fun night. Thanks mom for watching Grace girl

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day......or not

Well for all you lovers out there here's to you, Happy Valentines Day! Me on the other hand think it is the dumbest holiday ever invented not that I don't have a lover because I do and he is great but I don't need one day out of the year to prove it! I have always dis liked Valentines day but for those that do enjoy it have a great one.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

26 Years and still going strong!

Happy Anniversary to one of the cutest couples I know, MY PARENTS! They have been married 26 years today. Both my mom and dad are such great examples to me and my siblings of what love is and what marriage is all about. The truth is we all know marriage isn't easy and there are ALOT of ups and downs but what they have shown is even through all of that there is love, commitment and forgiveness! I have never known a man to worship and love a woman more than my dad does with my mother. I have also never met a more patient and forgiving wife as my mother is to my father! They are both so lucky to have found each other and be with one another even though eternity might seem very long some days lol (that was for you mom). Maybe this is why I am such a hopeless romantic and although I know my parents haven't had the easiest road to this 26 year mark I know that they love each other unconditionally and that the next 26 years will be even better. Love you so much mom and dad, Happy Anniversary!!!