Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TaLkIn TuEsDaY

So today for Talkin Tuesday I thought I would list a few things that I am thankful for since Thanksgiving is in two days! Boring I know. First I am so thankful for families especially eternal families, I am thankful for two beautiful and healthy kids, I am thankful for a loving husband that works really hard so I can stay home and be a mom, I am thankful for my home, I am thankful for such great friends, I am thankful for my parents and my cute little bro, I am thankful for 3 fun loving sisters, I am thankful for laughter and fun, I am so thankful for entertainment such as movies and concerts so I can laugh and have fun, I am so thankful for food especially chocolate and diet pepsi (not necessarily together), I am thankful for grandparents, I am thankful for my savior, and I am so thankful for all the people that I have met and known throughout my life that have inspired, loved and supported me or have been examples to me in the fact that they helped mold me into the person that I am, last but not least I am thankful for my freedom and those that fight to help keep it free!!! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and get to eat lots and lots of food like I am going too.

Friday, November 21, 2008

TWILIGHT Movie Premiere

So last night I had the opportunity of attending the Twilight Premiere. What made it the premiere you ask, well that's because I got to see it at 7:00 p.m. It was a big deal too. We had security guards checking are purses and using those hand held medal detectors on us! We had to have our cell phones completely off if we even turned it on at all or they saw the light from it they told us we would be kicked out of the theater and I couldn't take my camera in at all either. I guess the reason being is because since the movie was not technically released to the public until midnight of November 21st and with technology and all these days they worried about people recording the movie from their cell phones or camera's strange but true.
I went with my sisters (of course) and we had alot of fun! The movie was really really good. Obviously not as good as the book but as far as a movie being made from a book it surprisingly had alot from the book in the movie and most stuff was acurate. Oh, and if you had any qualms whatsoever about Robert Patterson playing our hot and amazing "Edward" he did a fantastic job and you will love him by movies end. Other than that I won't say anything else so I won't ruin it for those that haven't seen it yet. I just hope that they will make the rest of the series, I would for sure pay to see more of our Edward and Bella saga!!

Oh and if you couldn't read what I was holding up in my first picture, this is what it was:
And for those of you that have not read Twilight or any of the books for that matter (you are crazy by the way if this is you) then all I can say is.........


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Talkin Tuesday

I apologize, that I did not post for Talkin Tuesday today (for those that read it and care) today started off as "one of those days" and it was just the furthest thing from my mind! So again I apologize but come back next week! Love ya all and have a great rest of the week.

Monday, November 17, 2008


So who would have thought when I was age 7 and was obsessed with New Kids on the Block that at age 25, married with two kids I would finally get to go to their concert. Not just that but go to the concert and have floor tickets 14 rows back from the stage, and not to mention the tickets were FREE! Who would have thought that 15 years later they would get back together and do a reunion tour and come to Salt Lake and I would not only want to but get to go to their concert. It was awesome! When I was younger I loved them I had their tape, VHS of their performances LIVE, the pajamas, slippers, sleeping bag, telephone, barbies, and posters. Well turns out I still love them and their music.
Here we all are waiting outside for the doors to open at the E Center to go see our childhood favorite boy band.
Here is Audrey and I dressed up in our 80's garb for old memory sake. The funny thing is half of this outfit I really do wear and wear together. ( I love my Dirty Dancing T-shirt)
Us girls....Cammi, Jen, me, and Audrey....livin it up and waiting for the concert to start.
Lady Gaga opened up the concert....she is a little weird and crazy. I like her hit song that's out right now, I am sure you have all heard it, it's called "Just Dance".
Here she is dancing in her spandex super woman looking underwear......
Natasha Bedingfield opened up for NKOTB....she was great in concert too, I love her music.
Up close and personal

Here they are.......... coming out, making their big entrance.
Me and Jen
Me and Audrey
Don't worry Donny Walhberg is still freakin hot!
Oh, and so is Joey McCyntire
They were great and so much fun LIVE. They were actually great performers and dancers as well!
They sang some songs from their new album but alot mostly from the past which I still remembered and loved. They had this TV Camara that was recording everybody dancing that they were showing on the big screen. We all stood on our chairs and were dancing and got on the TV and of course I wouldn't be myself if I didn't make a fool of myself in front of Everyone including NKOTB. So when I was dancing on my chair, the back of my heel got caught on the back of my chair and I almost fell back. I was holding on to Jen and Audrey for support, ya don't worry they got all of that on the Jumbo Tron TV!!
Anyway we had a blast. We laughed and sang and screamed until we had no voices. We were also deaf after the concert, our ears were ringing the rest of the night. It was so much fun! The concert didn't get over until 11:3o, New Kids were on stage perfoming for a little over 2 hrs. it was such a great show. After the concert we went to Chili's and got dessert. I didn't get home until 1:30 a.m. it was so fun to just let loose and be with my girlfriends, to be silly, giggle and scream and act like we were in Highschool again. Thanks Cammi for the tickets and for inviting me, I love you! Thanks girls for all the laughs and fun and especially for the memories. Lets do it again....soon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TaLkIn TuEsDaY

Today shouldn't be called talkin Tuesday it should be called thinking Tuesday. Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about memories. How interesting memories can be. I have been thinking about some good some bad some old and new. What triggers memories for me is a song, a movie or even a picture. If I hear or see it, I can almost go back to that memory and know what was going on or what I was doing. Especially with songs, I don't know why. I do love music and all kinds but almost any song especially from my past I have a memory too. Some times it will make me happy and sometimes sad and not always a bad sad just "oh how I miss those days". For example any song I hear on Light FM 100 that's older it makes me think of my parents and my childhood. It will take me back to that "time" or that certain memory. It also reminds me of what great parents I have and what a fun childhood I really had that sometimes I want to go back and wish I was little again.Karen Carpenter will always remind me of my mom and Christmas and how she always tried to make us have the best Christmas's ever and how that was the one time of year Jamie and I actually got along....lol and every love song from the early 80's reminds me of how my dad feels about our mother because he would say "oh I used to sing this to your mom when we were dating" or "this is how I feel about your mom"......so sweet!(sorry I can't remember all the songs or I would tell you but if I heard it I would know and that's my whole point) Or how the whole Alanis Morisette soundtrack "Jagged Little Pill" reminds me of going to Cali in the 7th grade with my family and Jen Kirkland's family. We rented a Van and they played her songs on the radio all the time. Or everytime I hear Natalia Imbruglia song "Torn" it reminds me in the 9th grade when my first boyfriend and love broke up with me and a few days later I got really sick with the flu. I had fallen asleep that night on the couch watching music videos I am sure on VH1 and I woke up at like three in the morning and that music video was on so now everytime I hear it that's what I think of. Or any rap song from the late 90's early year 2000 reminds me of Highschool and school dances mostly about my good friend Cammi and some others friends. Or Sarah McClaughlin "Building a Mystery" reminds me of driving up to Park City the fall after I graduated with an old friend and talking while listining to that CD the whole way up. Or how Jann Arden reminds me of the fun times in Jr. High having sleepovers at my friend Jenna's house (remember Kristi) and how much fun we had and how much Jenna loved Jann Arden (for those that don't know who she is she sings the one hit wonder "Insensitive" the whole soundtrack is actually good though or was) and we would watch Bed of Roses over over and over again and we all loved the song from the movie soundtrack "Independent love song" and thought that's how love should be. Anyway there are so many songs and so many more memories but I was just thinking lately about how funny my brain is when it does that and all the time too but its ok I like it, I like to remember the fun, happy, silly, laughable, sad and stupid times I had and all the great people and friends I have met and that have come in and out of my life that have helped make these memories. I know I probably have a song or something that reminds me of each of you especially if it was from Jr. High or Highschool and since I can't write a memory about all of you, if you want when you leave a comment today you can maybe post a memory that we share or something that makes you think of me and then if at the time I can think of it I will respond a memory or song that makes me think of you. Thanks all for reading my ramblings every Tuesday until next time...........

PS Happy Veterans Day! Thanks to all that have served us in the past and the present in fighting for our country for your freedom and my freedom, Thanks again!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Days Like This........

A day where I don't have to go
ANYWHERE do ANYTHING......where it is cold and wet outside so i can be lazy and just stay in my sweats, pull my hair back and put no make-up on! My kids are still in their Pj's and we can all just cuddle up on the couch with a blanket, eat popcorn and watch a fun movie.

There has NEVER been a day like this just yet because I in the past was usually working. NOT anymore.....I am afraid there will be more of these kind of days to come........LOVIN IT.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

4 Month Stats

Gracie turned for months on Sat. Nov 1st. I took her to her 4 month appointment yesterday and here our her stats:

She weighed 14 lbs. 58 percentile
Her height was 24 in. 46 percentile

What she does now:
Always has her fingers in her mouth, kicks her legs like crazy, she squacks and laughs all the time now that she has found her voice, smiles alot, she gets ticked if anything is over her face or in her eyes (like when her bow falls down in her eyes she freaks out and will move her head back and forth until it moves down or screams until I can come help her), she babbles and coos, starting to recognize people and faces, found her hands and focuses on things just hasn't figured out how to grab what she wants with her hands but can hold things in her hands if you put it in her hand and puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, she hates anything on her feet; shoes socks and her blankets she will either move her heels together to get her shoes or socks off and kick her legs until her blanket comes off she even does this in her sleep, still sleeps between 11 and 12 hours at night, and is really happy all the time!

Here are four reasons why I love Gracie:

Her big gummy smile
Her big blue eyes

She looks like an angel when she sleeps

Last but not least because she is mine

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A conversation with my son

Mom: Easton go put your shoes on

Easton: your not the boss of me

Mom: want to make a bet

Easton: when do I get to be the boss

Mom: someday

Easton: when I am a daddy

Mom: Yep

Easton: Mom, I don't want to get married

Mom: Why?

Easton: Because then you won't be my mommy anymore.....

Mom: I will ALWAYS be your mommy, even when you get married and are a daddy. Ok?

Easton: Ok

What four year old thinks of that? I just love him, he is so sweet......sometimes!(notice the first part of the conversation)

TaLkIn TuEsDaY

Well it looks like today is D Day in otherwords "Election Day". I have been dreading this day for a long time. Mostly because we have had only two candidates to chose from and I wasn't crazy about either one. I think one means well and the other is just a great speaker at the podium but doesn't know what he is doing and alot of his views and beliefs are just a little bit scary to me. Everyone keeps talking about how this election will go down in the history books and how historical it is. I believe that to be true. Mostly because we are more than likely to have a black president for the first time and second Gay marriage looks closer to being legalized in California. Both are crazy to me. Who knew that we would live in a time like this.

This world gets scarier every day to me as well as the economy. My worry is that it's not lookin to get any better either. And to top it all off we may just have a president that might make it worse. Who knows though I hope to be proven wrong. It is hard for me to believe that though when some have may just elected a guy who believes in third trimester abortion, how sinister is that! And who can't even put his hand over his heart for the American Flag or Pledge of Allegiance. Some might say that we don't like him just because of his color, I say color has nothing to do with this. To me all it comes down to is his views.

As far as Gay marriage, I support the churches stand in the fact of Traditional families. Which is marriage between a husband and wife, meaning man and women. I don't have a single problem with gay individuals what so ever or what they practice it's just why do we have to legalize it, the marriage side of it? Some say because they need to have the same rights as everybody else and I say I have no fight against it other than what I believe and know to be true and what we have known from the first moment this world was created. Today I do believe will be a historical one because I do believe that what could and possibly will happen will change our nation forever but that's just me and again like I said before I hope to be proven wrong. I hope the changes that occur will be good and positive ones for this country and economy for that matter. As far as voting goes, get out there and do it. Practice the rights that have been given to us, let your voice be heard! Have a great day everyone, until next time....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Week

So on Tuesday we went to our wards Halloween Carnival. Here is Devin and Easton standing in line to play a game!
A couple of my Young Women. They were in charge of the face painting booth.
Easton getting his face painted
Go cougars!!!
Then on Thursday Easton had a parade and program at Preschool.......
There is my little Iron Man posing for the camera
Easton and his preschool teacher Miss. Tammy

On Friday, it was a Happy Halloween. We started the day going over to my sister Jamie's for a little play group get together. We ate really good soup and breadsticks. I brought some really good glazed donuts. There is nothing better on Halloween then chili and donuts!
Easton and Hunter decorating their sugar cookies
Kylie's mother in law made matching Halloween outfits for the babies and the boys. Aren't they cute! It was so fun! What little posers.
Here is all of them together...aren't they cute well Gracie was having a fit but we took alot of pictures!
Gracie all dressed up in her poodle costume. She was all tuckered out before the night even got started. She hated her costume if I even put it over her head or it got close to her eyes she would freak out. We went to our ward truck or treat then headed over to my moms.

We all had pizza and then Jamie, Luke and I took Easton and Hunter trick or treating in my moms neighborhood. Easton and Hunter were so funny. They kept saying at the door at every house: Trick or Treat, then Thank you, then Happy Halloween. It was a great night.