Saturday, March 14, 2009


In regards to the post below my dad's birthday was really yesterday. I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday due to the fact I had a really sick baby with a 102 fever. We had a really fun party last night in honor of him. It was really nice. Even though my dad was dreading it, I think it turned out great! There were alot of people there from his first 50 years of life to show their love and respect to him. Kylie my sister put a great video together with pictures of his life so far, along with interviews with his parents, 10 siblings, his beautiful bride, 4 daughters, son, and two grandsons saying their greatest memories of the guy and paying tribute to him. It was a great night, nothing but what is expected at a party with my dad; laughter, loudness, tears, good food and fun. Those that didn't or couldn't come really missed out!!!

Happy 50th Daddio

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest guys I know

A great husband

A great friend

A great grandpa

And a great father

To the man that taught me follow through is everything, to the man that loves deeper, to the man that is full of laughs and fun, to the man that is a great example, to the man that is full of integrity, to the man that shows affection and emotion, to the man that is always there, to the man that is respectful, to the man that is loud, to the man with the most stories, to the man you always want to be around, to the man that is the best girl dad in the world, to the man that shares a birthday with an angel, to the man that has such a great testimony and love for his Heavenly Father, to the man that always believed in me and to the man that shows that through trials, love, forgiveness, and experience 50 years doesn't really seem so bad! To the man that loved me first, I love you! Happy Birthday dad, here is to many many more!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to our little Angel in Heaven!

Happy Birthday sweet Carson. Know that you are missed and we love you so very much. Your mom and I talk about you often and I think about you often, so I can only imagine how much she thinks about you. I can't believe that you would be two years old! Wonder what you would be doing now if you were here? I don't think about that is much as what you are doing up there? I know it must be something really special because Heavenly Father needed you so quick. I am glad though that we got at least two days with you, I know your mother and father probably wished for more but then again it would have been that much harder to say goodbye. The two days I was with you I just wanted to be around you every second, the spirit that you had was so much more mature then your little body. I could tell and you could just feel it, everyone could! You were by far the closest thing to heaven I have ever felt. Anyone you ever came in contact with, you have touched their lives forever. For that I am eternally greatful.
I am so glad that I got to know you even if it was just for a short time and feel so blessed that I got to be your aunt. Your mom is one of the most neatest and greatest people I have ever known it's no wonder you picked her to be your mom and that Heavenly Father picked such a special spirit like your self to come to your mom and dad. They are so lucky and I think they both understand and know why now. I am also thankful that I was able to hold you for a minute and say goodbye to you during your last precious minutes here on this earth. That is something I will forever hold dear and sacred to my heart! I don't think your mom understands how much it meant to me to be there and how it has changed my life forever, it was the most spiritual experience I have ever had and also the saddest. You have given me a better understanding of God's plan for us all and a greater testimony of eternal families. Happy birthday sweet Carson, you were the closest I ever came to being with an angel, love your aunt Amy.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WhAt ThE bAcHeLoR!!!!

Stupid Stupid Stupid! I don't know why I care so much or why I even watch this stupid show but I have watched it since it aired for the first time back in 2002. I think Jason is a jerk, a big jerk! I know I am a little partial because I did want Jason to choose Melissa but I feel so bad for her and the way this had to happen. She did bring up some good points to him though. (if you watched you know what I am talking about) I understand he says he has to follow his heart because he loves Molly but then if he felt that way why did he propose to Melissa? Couldn't he just have chose her and given her a rose and said let's see where this goes before he asked her to marry him and get engaged! Then second it's fine if Molly said she wants to give him another shot and her feelings never changed for Jason and that she is still in love with him but did she have to totally kiss him and be all over him right after he just broke off his engagement with Melissa (the girl he chose OVER Molly in the first place) and totally broke her heart on live television. Come on people have a little bit of descentcy and class. Although I guess it is better for everybody in the long run my heart still breaks for Melissa, oh well she was to cute for him anyway. Last but not least I will be very excited to watch the premiere of the Bachelorette May 18th with Jillian as the new one. I loved her and she will be great.