Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to two very special people

First to my Grandpa Jack who turned 70 years old yesterday and

Then second to my sister Jamie!!!

My grandpa Jack is one of the greatest guys I know. He will help ANYBODY and we like to call him "Mr. Fix It" because he can fix almost ANYTHING. He is very affectionate and loving. Ever since I was a little girl we would get in trouble if the first thing that we did when we walked threw the door or saw him was giving him a hug and a kiss. I remember when I was a teenager I thought I was "too cool" for that and boy was I on his you know what list. Boy did he let me know it too and eventually he would end up saying "get over here you little shit" it was pretty funny. He always has the funniest little sayings and some of the greatest stories! He has always been into hunting and guns. He even has a den where he makes his own bullets. I have a ton of great memories of him growing up and I am so glad that we have been close.

Next up is Jamie. Happy 24th Birthday!! Where would I be without Jamie?? Probably wouldn't have been grounded as much as a teenager that's for sure. (I am just kidding we both know I got my self that punishment so often I didn't even need your help). Jamie is one of the strongest people I know. She is such a great sister. I know that I am her older sister but I have ALWAYS looked UP to her. She is alot of fun that you always just want to be around her or talking to her (I think that's why Kylie and I always call you so much) When we get together there is always good times with alot of silliness and laughter. I can always be myself when she is around, especially my crazy self. She was and always is there for me, she has helped me get through some of the toughest times in my life! Although we did fight alot growing up I still have more good memories than bad, I hope she can say the same. She is a great mother and wife. She is an excellent cook and very very creative. She is also a very good friend and such a great example to others. She is also very caring and supportive. I am so glad that she is not only my sister but one of my very best friends too. Love ya James I hope this was way way to mushy for you!!!

Last night at Grandpa's 70th Birthday party

Gracie my mom and me enjoying ourselves at the party

Jamie's Birthday lunch at Magelby's (thanks again Shelly for watching my kids so that I could go and enjoy myself)

Of course me and my mom showed up wearing the same shirt!

Monday, January 19, 2009

6 Month Stats

"Thank Heaven for little Girls"

So I figure since Gracie had her six month check up almost three weeks ago and is now well on her way to 7 months I figured I better post this fast because next thing I know she will be 1 year old!! I can't believe already that six months has gone by. My baby is getting so big and I feel like it has gone by even faster with the second. She is so much fun and I can' t believe sometimes that I have a little girl. Her little personality is already so different from her brothers and as much as I love him I am crazy about her. She is so sweet and special. Little girls are so fun and this one just melts my heart, I can't ever stop kissing her. She is already so spoiled. I just love her big Blue eyes and she has the cutest little smile.
She has been a very happy baby and already has this fun little personality. She is still an excellent sleeper still sleeps anywhere from 12-14 hrs. at night, she is just like her mama and needs her sleep. She loves to be talked to and loves to be on the go (another thing just like her mom). She hasn't quite rolled over yet but partly because I am bad and don't put her on the floor a whole lot. She hates baby food and rice cereal but sure loves that bottle. She still will growl, scream and babbles alot. She will laugh and giggle all the time, I love her little giggle it is the most contagious thing. She can say da da da and ba ba ba whether or not if it has to do with those two things who knows. Most of the time she loves her big brother and will get excited if he talks and plays with her but sometimes she will get ticked at him like "get away" it's pretty funny. He is really protective of her and would already do anything for her. He adores her just as much as Dev and I do. He makes sure when she is sleeping to be quiet to not wake her and when she does wake up from her naps he will ask and make sure "did she wake up on her own" because he wants to make sure he wasn't the one that woke her up. He will share his toys with her (which sometimes is scary) and he makes sure every night that he is the one that turns on her night light before she goes to bed and loves to hug and kiss her. He is such a good big brother!
She is for sure a mama's girl and prefers me to anyone else if I am around. She throws little fits at times which is kind of funny. She will also just stare at people forever too like she is trying to figure them out or like she knows something we all don't. She will look at me then at them back at me just to make sure it is ok. We are diffenantly thankful she is a part of our family, she is such a blessing and one more reason why I love being a mom and getting up every day. I don't know what I would do without my kids. I am so glad I have my Gracie and such a sweet little girl, she is so so fun, I am so happy that I get to be her mom. As much as I love both my kids the girl thing is so fun with all the dresses, skirts, shoes, bows and jewelry what else can I say!!



Wow! It has been a crazy few weeks between Devin, the kids, and me being sick, Devin pulling his back out and me working for my dad on and off I finally get a moment to sit and blog. I feel bad because not only have I not posted my self I haven't been able to get on anyone else s blogs either. I wanted to post all about Christmas and share some pictures after I got feeling better but the days and nights just kept coming over and over and there never seemed to be any time. Normally I would have time at night after kids are in bed but I have been going to the gym late at night instead! I have until March 1st to loose 10 pounds, I know everyone says that after the New Year but really I went in on this bet with my sisters, Jamie's sister in law, and their friends. We all put in $100 so whoever doesn't loose their weight looses their money as well, good incentive huh. So needless to say I have been trying to eat good and work out hard as well. My moms personal trainer offered to train Jamie, Kylie and me for the price of one so we have been working with him two nights a week, and he has been kicking our butts!!! Anyway wish me luck........

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Super Super Sick

Well it was unfortunate that this year for the holidays we were all sick, especially me. Gracie was way sick the week before Christmas throwing up and the runs, which left her dehydrated and we had to go to the dr.s and get fluids in her asap! That was scary! (that's another story in itself which I will share another day) I have been sick on and off for 2 wks now. You name it I have had it, the day after Christmas and New Years Eve and Day were the worst, I was basically on my death bed. It really hasn't been fair either A. because it was the Holidays and B. because moms shouldn't get sick because they still have to be moms! So those that are sick all the time for different reasons I don't know how you do it. I kept thinking of my Grandma and my good friend Bunnie after her Chemo treatments, how sick she gets. I am sure it didn't even compare but I layed there thinking about it and felt for them. So I finally went to the Dr's yesterday and found out I have strep throat. He said it probably started out Viral that's why I was so sick and then turned into the real thing. The good news was it can be treated with an antibiotic bad news was I opted for the shot because I am the worse with taking pills and thought it would be easier to just get it over with. For those that have never had a shot of Antibiotics um all I can say is..... hurts like nothing else. I think I would rather of had an epidural all over again. Needless to say today I am doing a little bit better other than were my shot is there is a huge lump in which I keep trying to massage out. I am still considered contagious until tomorrow and hopefully by Monday I will be back to normal again, well normal for me. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I will hopefully be able to post later a little bit about our Christmas because that was the one good day I had.