Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy 30 Years!!!

I can't believe my hubby is 30 years old! HE IS OLD!! Ok well not that old but way older than me :) I believe the last 30 years of his life has been great, I hope atleast the last almost four years have especially since I have been apart of it. I just want my husband to know how much I love him and appreciate him. He is my prince Wesley and I am so thankful to him for everything he does for me and our family. So here are 30 reasons why I love and appreciate him:

1. Honest
2. Humble
3. Caring
4. Loving
5. Forgiving
6. Sharing
7. Very very smart
8. Hard working
9. Always is first to say he is sorry
10. Good priesthood holder
11. Loves the lord
12. Has a testimony of the gospel
13. Considerate
14. Works with troubled youth
15. Determined
16. Loves animals
17. Loves the outdoors
18. Responsible
19. Motivated
20. Respectful
21. Great father
22. Great husband
23. Has a love for going to movies like I do
24. Doesn't care what anyone thinks
25. Passionate
26. Loyal
27. Goal Oriented
28. Provider
29. Appreciative
30. He loves me and is My best friend

Of course there are more reasons but I look forward to getting to know him even more! Here is to 30 more years, I hope it's great because he has us. We love you Devin!
happy birthday!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I can't believe it has been five years.......

since I held my baby boy for the first time. It was love at first sight. As they brought him over to me I called his name and his little squinty eyes were looking all around for me, I knew him and he knew me and my voice, it was one of the most neatest experiences I have ever shared. How you have this instant love for someone you just met. It was truly one of the happiest days of my life! I have no idea where the past five years have gone. With alot of ups and downs this sweet little boy has helped me through. I just love his big grin and his two deep dimples. He can either make my day or make it seem like the longest day of my life either way I am thankful, thankful that I get to be his mom. He has such a sweet countenance about him and it is easy for me to forget because he does challenge me. He has always been very protective of me and my best buddy. There is nothing like a mother and son relationship. He can always make me laugh and he will say or do the funniest things. I already do enjoy doing things with him and watching him learn and discover. It is funny that he already has a nack for music and likes more adult movies than kid ones, such as Marley and Me, Iron Man, and my personal favorite "Twilight". He also really enjoys animals and doing anything outdoors. He is really into doing anything with his dads especially sports or fishing. He really likes super hero's and playing with his friends or his cousin Hunter. One of our favorite things to do together is go get Rainbow sherbet ice cream from Baskin Robbins (our favorite) we already have so much in common. Like clothes, the kid loves clothes (look what I have turned him into) but along with that HATES shopping, so I guess he is a normal boy! He is also my sensitive and cuddly boy and I love that he still wants to curl up in my lap and watch a movie or read a book. He is always first to say "I love you" and asks for a hug and a kiss before he leaves me to go anywhere or before bed each night. He has the biggest heart. I thank God every day for him and I don't know who or where I would be without him. Again I don't know how we got here and in some ways it makes me sad, I truly can't believe he is five and will be starting Kindergarten! I am not old enough for this, am I? I swear I am still 18. Even though it has gone by fast I have enjoyed every minute of it and I hope some things never ever change between us, I hope he will always adore me as I do him and will always be my best buddy!

Happy birthday sweet boy!!!

Belated Post!


I have been wanting to post about this forever but have been so busy or Devin has had the computer but Devin is done with school for the Summer so maybe I will have a chance to be better at blogging! Easton graduated from pre-school on May 21, 2009. I was so proud of him and I cannot believe how far he has come. Not only since he first started pre-school when he was 3 but since the beginning of this year. Sometimes I can't believe he is my child cause he is so smart and knows so much! He has actually taught me alot as well. He learned this year all of his letters and their sounds and he has learned how to write his name. It is amazing how much it has already changed from when he first started writing it. He also learned and knows our phone number and address as well. Right before he was done with preschool he was just getting into reading so I think that will be are venture this year going into kindergarten. I can't believe I am actually saying that "kindergarten"! I can't believe how much he remembers too even just after telling him and saying it once. Last but not least he learned alot of songs this year. Easton has always loved to sing and actually has a sweet little voice as well. The one thing about this though that is so funny, it doesn't matter what song he loves music and will memorize every single word. He had the chorus of that "Had a bad day" song by Daniel Powder memorized when he was only 18 months old! He was so cute at the graduation he sang every single song, knew every single word and was singing the loudest, every one kept laughing. As I sat there watching him my eyes filled up with tears (yes I know I am going to be one of those moms that cries at every little thing) I just couldn't believe how much he has changed and grown up. It made me kind of sad to realize that from here on out it was just going to go by even faster, I also sat there very proud that I was his mom and he is my son and to look at how far he has come! Way to go East.

Just after receiving his diploma, Easton with his pre-school teacher Miss. Tammy

Easton as one of the three little pigs for a skit they did (he knew every one of his lines and didn't even need any help) it was so cute!

Singing the song "Sing me a Rainbow"

Me and my buddy!


Easton had the opportunity to play for a minute on his friends soccer team as a sub. He really enjoyed it, so I might have to sign him up for Fall soccer this year as well. He was a natural and also scored two goals, it was cute watching him play!

Cheezin it for the camera

Easton and his friend Ryken