Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy 30 Years!!!

I can't believe my hubby is 30 years old! HE IS OLD!! Ok well not that old but way older than me :) I believe the last 30 years of his life has been great, I hope atleast the last almost four years have especially since I have been apart of it. I just want my husband to know how much I love him and appreciate him. He is my prince Wesley and I am so thankful to him for everything he does for me and our family. So here are 30 reasons why I love and appreciate him:

1. Honest
2. Humble
3. Caring
4. Loving
5. Forgiving
6. Sharing
7. Very very smart
8. Hard working
9. Always is first to say he is sorry
10. Good priesthood holder
11. Loves the lord
12. Has a testimony of the gospel
13. Considerate
14. Works with troubled youth
15. Determined
16. Loves animals
17. Loves the outdoors
18. Responsible
19. Motivated
20. Respectful
21. Great father
22. Great husband
23. Has a love for going to movies like I do
24. Doesn't care what anyone thinks
25. Passionate
26. Loyal
27. Goal Oriented
28. Provider
29. Appreciative
30. He loves me and is My best friend

Of course there are more reasons but I look forward to getting to know him even more! Here is to 30 more years, I hope it's great because he has us. We love you Devin!
happy birthday!!!


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday, Dev. We love you. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

Lindsey said...

wow! it's birthday central over there! so glad you have married such a great guy; maybe one day we'll actually get to meet him!

Mogle Family said...

I have always viewed Devin as a Prince Wesley. He has that nice tender heart.

Happy B-Day Dev.

Shell said...

Hope you had a great birthday! We are glad to have you as our friend.