Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Three Amigos

Gracie and Irleyn waiting to meet their cousin Hallie (and yes they have matching car seats, long story)

The girls waiting to go meet the new arrival

Jamie holding her daughter for the first time, love at first sight!

Baby Hallie!!!

The sisters with the babes


Happy Dad and Mom

Proud little mommy

Hallie Ann Gillman

She is finally here! Hallie Ann Gillman was born on Tuesday, July 29th at 10:13 A.M. She weighed in at 6lbs. 15 Ounces and is 181/2 inches long! She has tons of black hair and mom and baby are doing great! We are all so happy for Hallie's arrival and that she is healthy and beautiful. Now the Trio is complete with Irelyn ( 3 months), Gracie (4 wks.) and now Hallie. Jamie was so happy and is so glad to have her here and to hold her baby which was long overdue. It was kind of emotional for us all especially Jamie and Luke since they have waited what has seemed like a long time for her. I know that our sweet little Carson was with his sister in Heaven waiting with her for when she was able to come down to this earth. I miss him so much and now even more great full for eternal families and knowing that we get to see him again. Hallie is a very lucky girl to come to such an amazing and strong family and to a mom and dad that will love her and appreciate her more than anything. I know Jamie thought and has said that this might be a bitter sweet day but it was not bitter at all just sweet with tears of joy. I am so great full for my new little niece and know she was sent to be an angel. I am so excited that I get to have a daughter so close together with my sisters daughters. Its going to be so much fun raising these girls together with my sisters, with a little drama of course! I love my sisters and I am so great full for them. I am glad that we are all so close and that we always can laugh and have so much fun together. They are my best friends. I hope that someday Gracie will have a sister because it is so fun and there is something special about sisters. I can't wait for the years to come. Congrats Luke and Jamie, she is beautiful!

Family Night up at Silver Lake

On Monday night we went up AF Canyon with our friends Jared and Holly, Matt and VeeAnn and all their kids. The boys went fishing with the kids while us girls sat by the campfire with the babies and just chatted and made the tin foil dinners. It got a little chilly, I was surprised how cold it actually got because it has been so hot. Luckily we were prepared and we got bundled up as it got darker and colder.I wasn't going to go because I was worried how Gracie would do but she did pretty good and we all had alot of fun!
Dev and I with the kidlets

Gracie getting mad!

Easton eating his tin foil dinner

Me Holly and VeeAnn

Gracie and Friends.....

So on Sunday we went to go visit our friends Matt and VeeAnn who just had their baby Brooklyn exactly two weeks after Gracie was born.

Gracie and Brooklyn

Then after we went to my mom's for Kylie's Birthday party!

Irelyn and Gracie

Just Chillin

Hunter and Easton got a little jealous they were being left out of the picture.(oh nice, sorry I just noticed my son has his hand down his pants, lol what a boy!!)

Gracie and Big Brother

Easton just adores her.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mr. Sandman bring me a dream.......

So my cute little newborn has never really seemed like a newborn. Size wise she has but she is so alert all the time. Here she is laying in her crib before bedtime. She seriously has her eyes open like this all the time just looking around. The bad side of that is....SHE NEVER SLEEPS. Not a good sleeper at all. You would think even during the day she would but not really. I am so tired all the time and can't even take naps during the day. At night she wakes up and eats and you think she is sound asleep, so you go put her down and get all nestled back in my bed. I am so comfortable and half asleep and then there it is WAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAA! And I am up again. So needless to say I am trying all different things to try and keep her to sleep. I guess it's a good thing she is so dang cute. On a happier note she smiled at me for the first time yesterday, it was so sweet. I know that she knows me and that is so neat. She is also starting to coo now too, I just love her.

PS for those of you know that don't know what the title of my blog is supposed to mean, it is a song that was on the movie Uncle Buck (for those who haven't seen it you should it's hilarious) and the song plays during a part in the movie when the kids are in and out of bed and uncle buck can't sleep. So I think of this song a lot since I am not sleeping. And I would like a dream because when you have dreams that means you are sleeping which is something I haven't done for awhile; dreaming and sleeping!


Happy Birthday Kylie! Today is my sister Kylie's birthday. I want her to know that I love her and I am glad she is my sister. She is always so fun and full of life. She is also such a great mom and wife. We hope you have a great day.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gracie's two week stats......

I took Gracie to her two week Dr. appointment on Tuesday the 15th, she isn't even back to her birth weight yet. I guess I am starving her or something I don't think I have enough milk. So I am going to have to supplement. Anyway she weighed 6'11 when she was born and 18 and half inches long. When we left the hospital she was 6'5.

Weight: 6'9
Height: 20 and half inches

She is 12% for her weight and 58% for height. I can't believe she is already two weeks old. She is really alert for a newborn and hardly ever cries unless she is starving. She is sleeping ok through the night, some nights she will sleep from 12:30 until 5:30 a.m. It seems that everything that I said I wouldn't do with my 2nd child I am doing. More or less out of laziness but also because I am so tired. Hopefully by six weeks it will be better and she will be on some sort of routine and so will I. She loves her baths now that her umbilical cord fell off and she can be submerged in the water. She smiles alot in her sleep and we have noticed she has some pretty deep dimples.

She has this little mark on her lip the Dr. said at first it was from sucking so hard in the womb, which this girl does love to suck, she will suck that pacifier like there is no tomorrow. Now the doc is saying that it could be a birth mark but we won't know for sure until her 2 month appointment, so until then. It also looks like she has no eyebrows or eyelashes because they are so light, so she will probably be a toe head. She has the prettiest color of hair right now. Well we just love her and glad that she is here and healthy! She really is an angel.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Memory Game

Memories, like the corner of my mind...I got this from Kylie's blog and thought it would be fun! I hope you will play along.Here are the directions:
1. Add a comment on my blog and leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot just do anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.
It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So on Sunday night I was laying on the couch w/Gracie half asleep and then I all of the sudden I felt this gush. The next thing I knew there was blood all over me and the couch! I handed Gracie to Devin and ran to the bathroom. Needless to say without giving to much detail I was Hem raging. I knew something was really wrong when it was bright red and never stop coming. We called my mom (who was in St. George, unfortunately) and she said that she did the exact same thing after she had her babies. Since I am the first daughter to have a vaginal delivery who knows if this was coincidence or genetics. Her and my dad said to call an ambulance but we could get to the hospital faster than the ambulance could get to us. Dev called our friend and neighbor over to watch the kids and in the meantime I was making me a diaper out of pads and put a towel between my legs. I was really scared because I was loosing so much blood and so fast. Shelly came over (thanks by the way) and we left to the hospital. We got to the emergency room which happened to be crazy and got checked in. Needless to say we waited almost two hours as I felt I was bleeding to death. I was so scared and Devin was so mad. He kept talking about and saying the dumbest things and I was like what is your problem he said that he felt bad and was just trying to get my mind off of things. Finally he went up to someone and said my wife is bleeding everywhere (which I was) we need to get her back there right away. They took me back to a triage room finally and put me in a wheel chair. They hooked me up to an IV and took my blood to find out how my red blood cell count was and to see how much blood I had lost. I tried not to cry but I was so scared and it seemed like they didn't even care at the hospital what was going on, I kept looking up at Dev from time to time and he always looked teary eyed so I tried to not get so upset because I knew he was a little scared too and felt so bad for me because he couldn't do anything. They finally took me back to the ER. Now those again that have sensitive ears you can stop reading here you know that I am alive because I am typing this. Sorry for those that do read on you know how blunt I am. Anyway the nurse had me remove my clothes and there was blood everywhere. I had passed two soft ball size clots and that time as well. There was blood everywhere at this point and I told the nurse they could just go ahead and through all my clothes away, they were probably ruined anyway! They got me in a bed and hooked up to monitors. The ER Dr. came in and said he can't believe for all the blood I have lost and the clots that I am passing how great my vitals were and my blood count was still great. They took me back to have an ultrasound and they found maybe a dime size piece of placenta still inside of me and this was the bodies way of taking care of it. We were waiting to hear back from the Dr. if they were going to do a DNC or what. Anyway the Doc came back in and said that they weren't a hundred percent sure what they found in the ultrasound but they wanted to admit me to the hospital to get the bleeding under control and stopped. They were going to start me on PIT (which is the drug they give you to start labor or to have the uterus contract back down) they didn't want to do a DNC because 2 weeks post par tum I guess could be dangerous. They admitted me at midnight Sunday night or I guess early Monday morning. They started me on the PIT and I passed my last clots about 1:30 a.m. I sent Devin home. Jamie my sister had Easton and Gracie (yes 9 months pregnant, poor girl but thanks a million). The PIT helped slow down the bleeding and I stayed at the hospital while they monitored me to make sure I wasn't going to start bleeding again. They finally released me around 4:00 Monday afternoon. I was sure glad to go home. They sent me home with this drug like PIT that is supposed to stop the bleeding and clean me out pretty much. The whole experience was scary and frustrating. For those of you that don't know or may have forgotten it was exactly 4 years ago to the day I was hospitalized for an infection from my c-section with Easton. Maybe next time around I just need to schedule w/the hospital or ER an appointment to be there anywhere around week 2-4 after having a baby. I am ok now and just glad to be back home w/my babies especially the new one! I just have to take it easy for the next few days which as some of you know is hard for me to do. It was a trial for a couple days and all I kept thinking was are you serious I couldn't believe it was happening. It was interesting though I was thinking back on how Devin gave me a blessing when I was in labor with Gracie and towards the end of it he talked about trials. I remember at that time thinking great is something going to go wrong with delivery or Gracie and saying something to my mom about it and then this happened. Who knows maybe it was a for warning of what was to come because of what happened! It was all pretty depressing and discouraging but it could have been worse. I feel very blessed that I am healthy and so is my little Gracie.

25 and Holding......

On Saturday July 12th it was my 25th Birthday! On Friday night we went with my family to Happy Sumo (my favorite, I love Shushi). Then we went back to my parents house for presents, cake and icecream. My mom made me Better than Sex cake (I told her because I can't have "Sex"). I got a cute big white purse, some white wedges, $155 in G.C. to the mall and some fun MAC eyeshadow. Thanks Family!!! On Saturday night Devin and I dropped Easton off at my sister Kylie's so we could go to dinner. We took Gracie with us and went up to Sundance for dinner. Devin has taken me there the last 3 years for my birthday so it has kind of turned into a tradition, they have such amazing food and it is so cool and pretty in the Summer time. Then we went to my moms to drop off Gracie so we could go see a movie. We went and saw "Hancock" it was pretty good. Devin had surprised me with a cute purple cell phone (even though I told him three times I didn't want a cell phone for my birthday, what a guy) bless his heart, this is why I love him so much. Then he gave me a purple I pod shuffle (good thing I do like the color purple), I think we decided no more electronics for me on Birthdays, LOL! Anyway all in all it was a good birthday. Thanks Mom and Kyz for watching the chillins so we could go do something fun.

More Pictures of Gracie

Big Eyes!

On the 4th of July

Sleeping in my boppy (sometimes the only way I will sleep)

At Grandma Jackie's in my Yellow Preemie dress that is still too Big!!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Well I know some of you have anxiously been waiting to see pictures of little baby Gracie and sorry it has taken me so long. I can't believe she will be a week old tomorrow but time flies when you have a new baby. Anyway for journaling purposes I want to take a moment and write about that special day so you can stop reading now if you would like and I will save you the pain and agony and for those that are patient and want to hear in great detail what happened from beginning to end....have a seat! On Tuesday morning July 1st, 2008 I woke up about 4:00 in the morning with the worst cramps I have ever had! Then about 4:30 I realized what was happening and those cramps turned into contractions. So I got out of bed and started to time then (I was in to much pain to sleep). They were about 5-7 minutes apart. At first I wasn't even sure if I was in labor so I got on the computer (I know I am retarded) to I guess my worse fear was to go to the hospital to be sent home for "False Labor". It said that if they didn't let up and they were consistent then it probably was actual labor. I realize that I should know what this is because I have had a baby before but for one I forgot (thank heavens) and two my first experience was all so different. Also every time I went up and down the stairs they were a little worse each time. That night before I had gone to bed I said my prayers and I was telling Heavenly Father I was sorry that I was feeling sorry for myself because there are worse things in the world that people are dealing with right now and that knew I needed to be humble and to just let the baby come when she was supposed to as long as she was strong and healthy and it was time for her tom come. So needless to say I wasn't sure if it was all real or not. The contractions continued on until about 6:00 a.m. and then they just stopped and I fell asleep until 6:30 and then they started back up again. This time they were every 5 minutes apart and even stronger and harder. I called my mom at 7:00 a.m. I couldn't wait any longer I told her what was happening. I told her I didn't know when I should go to the hospital because I wasn't about to go to be sent home. She suggested to wait until I couldn't handle the pain any longer. So I decided I might as well do stuff around the house and get ready to make the time go by faster. I got in the shower and started to blow dry my hair since it had not been washed in 5 days! I would pause and breath through every contraction which continued on every 4-5 minutes. Easton came in the bathroom every now and then and would try and talk to me and I would say I can't talk right now. It was really sweet because he said "Mommy I don't want you to hurt anymore". Well about 10:30 a.m. I couldn't handle it anymore. So my sister Jamie came and got Easton and Devin and I headed to the hospital. We got there about 11:00 and got registered and they put me into a big delivery room and told me to put a gown on. Luckily my moms good friend and friend of the family Leslee Moore was there and was my nurse for awhile it was so nice to have somebody there that I knew. She got me hooked up to an IV and "checked" me. I was dilated to a two is all and 70% e-faced. They got me hooked up to all the monitors to watch the baby's heart rate and my contractions which were every 3 minutes apart now. The hospital wouldn't officially admit me yet because IHC has some stupid rule that you have to be 39 weeks and I was 38 weeks and 6 days. Well needless to say my contractions were steady and they were still thinking about sending me home but luckily my blood pressure was really high which was weird because I never have high blood pressure and hadn't this whole pregnancy. So Leslee called my Dr. to let him know, he wanted blood work done to be sent to the lab to find out if I was toxic and they gave me some pain medication to be put into my IV to help with the pain. My lab work came back fine which was weird but my blood pressure was still high. Leslee said she just thought it was my body saying it was ready to be done being pregnant, I liked that idea. At 1:00 p.m. she checked me again I was dilated to a three and still 70% e-faced. My doctor called back and said to admit me because he wasn't about to send me home with high blood pressure (whew!) and it was stupid that I was having contractions and 39 weeks they next day. So about 2:00 I was admitted and close to 3:00 I got my epidural which hurt like crazy. I don't remember it hurting that bad with Easton. I think I squeezed Devin's hand so hard that it was purple. Well from 3:00 until 6:30 they kept checking me and I just couldn't get pass that three, which was the same thing I did with Easton. I kept thinking that I was going to end up having another c-section and that I just couldn't dial ate on my own and because I had a c-section they were not about to just start me on PIT to get me going because it could cause problems. I had this great nurse named Stephanie and she was telling us that were at this point I was having contractions every two minutes now and they were strong and hard that I should be doing something on my own. The contractions were pretty intense and my epidural was starting to wear off. I was in soooo much pain and some of the contractions kept going off the charts.They told me at any time now if I said I wanted it to be over and to just do a c-section that they would. I thought ok I need to give myself a breaking point so I said if I still hadn't done anything by 9:00 p.m. that I would just go ahead and have a stupid c-section which I did not want to have more than anything. Well I was starting to feel all this pressure really bad down there so my mom went and got my nurse she came in and checked me again (it was 6:30) and she said "mmmm" and I thought to myself still a freaking three and then she said you are at a seven and 100% e-faced. I was so excited tears streamed down my face. I said to her I bet you have never had anyone so excited and happy before about being a seven! Well I continued on and the pressure and pain was almost unbearable (so I thought). Then at 7:30 p.m. exactly one hour later she came in again and now I was at ten and ready to go. She then explained to me what I needed to do to start the whole pushing process so we practiced through that next contraction. I continued to push through every contraction which even though I was in so much pain and my epidural had worn off a bit I was glad because it felt good to push, it was weird how it was so natural to "bear down" as they call it. She had me continue to do that until the Dr. could come in and the baby's head had to be in the crowning position before he could come in and take over anyway. He was actually in the next room delivering another patients baby. Finally about 8:00 p.m. I had pushed her out enough to were her head was through the pelvis and just sitting right there in the "crowning position". They had me stop pushing for a minute because we had to wait for the Dr. who came in just a minute later to suit up. The pain and pressure was unbelievable I just wanted to push so bad. He was suiting up and Dr. Rees was like hang in there don't do anything yet. He was kind of making a joke and in the middle of the contraction and all the pain I joked back well just hurry up then and get over here and let's get this baby out! Everyone in the room kind of laughed. Devin and I had decided to just have our moms in the room. I would have been fine with my sisters in there but that's how Dev really wanted it and I wanted this to be special for him too! He was so cute during the whole thing, holding my hand counting through the contractions to help me push and breath! He was such a great coach and support. So I really started pushing hard a little after 8:00 p.m. to get this baby out. It was nothing like I ever thought or experienced before and yet felt so great to do. I just closed my eyes and focused on Dev's counting and everyone saying your doing so good a little harder or here she comes keep pushing. Dev just kept saying your doing so good sweety she's almost out. It helped even more to hear everyone cheering me on and it made me want to push even harder to get her out so it could just be over. It was the sound of my sweet husbands voice is what got me through, I love him so much and don't know what I would have done without him. He was my rock during the whole thing! When we got to her shoulders that hurt really bad and the dr. said I could only push just a little bit when i just wanted it over. I remember Dr. Rees saying "Amy look and I looked down and I could see my baby's head and upper body and then the next thing I know was one little push and it was over not only did I see him pull her out of me but I felt the lower half of her body actually leave and being pulled down through my stomach and out! It was one of the neatest most coolest things I have ever felt or experienced! She was finally here at 8:21 p.m. Gracie Nicole Jensen was born and her sweet spirit filled the room. The set her right on my stomach and cleaned her off and wiped her down. She barely even cried just for a moment. The Doctor then asked Devin if he wanted to cut the cord and he did. I think he thought that was pretty cool! While she was on my stomach I was saying it's ok Gracie and was just talking to her and it was so neat because she knew my voice and calmed right down. I started to cry and I looked at Devin and he had tears in his eyes too it was such a great moment. They took her from me and wrapped her up and handed her to Devin to take her over to check her out to make sure she was ok and to see how much she weighed. He was just beaming such a proud papa. He just had tears in his eyes and was so sweet with her and that's when I fell in love with him all over again. It was funny because my overly excited sisters cracked open the door and would peek there heads in every now and then to see what was going on. Gosh I love them! Well the verdict was in Gracie weighed 6lbs. 11 ounces and was 18 and a half inches long! She has lots of light brown sandy blondish hair and looks just like her daddy. She was so alert after she was born and has these big huge eyes. She already just had this sweet demeanor about her, she was so calm and just looked every around the room when you held her. Everyone finally all came in once I was all cleaned ans stitched back up. The cutest thing though was when Easton came in and saw Gracie for the first time and Dev went to go help him with her so he could hold her and again it was Devin's eyes that filled up with tears watching Easton hold his baby sister for the first time and then mine watching Devin! It was so cute because Devin would be holding her and then bring her to me so I could could hold her and then come back a minute later and said ok let me see her. I will be honest he surprised me I wasn't sure how he was going to be and not just with her but with everything and he was wonderful and sweet during labor and delivery and just loved that baby girl from the moment she was born! Everyone that was there was my mom, Devins mom, my dad, all three of my sisters, Devins sister Monica and Easton. It was such a special, neat and spiritual day in which I will always remember. It was one of those defining moments in your life that you never want to forget and puts everything into perspective. It was also special for me because it turned out perfect I got to do a vaginal delivery which was what I wanted more than anything and with that came this sense of accomplishment, I was really so proud of myself even though women do it every day. It made me feel good to because the nurse and Dr. kept saying how well I did especially for a first time vaginal delivery and how I just pushed her right out, my nurse Stephanie (so wonderful by the way) said it couldn't have gone more perfect! Most of all I delivered a perfectly healthy beautiful baby girl in which I thank my Heavenly Father for.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


She's arrived! Gracie was born at 8:21 p.m. Weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces and 18 1/2 in. long. She has lots of hair, which looks like she might be a toe-head! I'll save the rest of the info. for Amy to share, but they are both doing FABULOUS. Plus, an added c-section. YEAH!!!


Hey guys! This is Amys' sister Jamie! I snuck on to her blog to keep everyone updated...... Little Gracie may be making her grand entrance into the world today! Amy has been up since 4 with contractions, which have been progressing. We all know what that means. Poor Devin the first time Daddy isn't sure what to make of this. He's trying to fit the birth in his planner for today! Lol!!! We'll keep you all posted with whatever this day may bring. (Let's hope its a beautiful, healthy baby girl!)