Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gracie and Friends.....

So on Sunday we went to go visit our friends Matt and VeeAnn who just had their baby Brooklyn exactly two weeks after Gracie was born.

Gracie and Brooklyn

Then after we went to my mom's for Kylie's Birthday party!

Irelyn and Gracie

Just Chillin

Hunter and Easton got a little jealous they were being left out of the picture.(oh nice, sorry I just noticed my son has his hand down his pants, lol what a boy!!)

Gracie and Big Brother

Easton just adores her.


Meg said...

It is just killin me looking at Easton! That is what CJ looked like when I watched him everyday before my mission. They are IDENTICAL!! What fun to have all your blogs! i love reading them often. Love you Amy Nicole!

Mike & Valerie Hall said...

Easton looks so old in this picture! Gracie is so cute. It is so fun that you all have baby girls at the same time!

Brittany & Barry said...

Ok, I just read your profile so it looks like you are still in Provo. What's Devin's group home called? Is it going well? Sounds great!! Easton does look really old now! Gracie looks like a doll. Fun!!