Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So on Sunday night I was laying on the couch w/Gracie half asleep and then I all of the sudden I felt this gush. The next thing I knew there was blood all over me and the couch! I handed Gracie to Devin and ran to the bathroom. Needless to say without giving to much detail I was Hem raging. I knew something was really wrong when it was bright red and never stop coming. We called my mom (who was in St. George, unfortunately) and she said that she did the exact same thing after she had her babies. Since I am the first daughter to have a vaginal delivery who knows if this was coincidence or genetics. Her and my dad said to call an ambulance but we could get to the hospital faster than the ambulance could get to us. Dev called our friend and neighbor over to watch the kids and in the meantime I was making me a diaper out of pads and put a towel between my legs. I was really scared because I was loosing so much blood and so fast. Shelly came over (thanks by the way) and we left to the hospital. We got to the emergency room which happened to be crazy and got checked in. Needless to say we waited almost two hours as I felt I was bleeding to death. I was so scared and Devin was so mad. He kept talking about and saying the dumbest things and I was like what is your problem he said that he felt bad and was just trying to get my mind off of things. Finally he went up to someone and said my wife is bleeding everywhere (which I was) we need to get her back there right away. They took me back to a triage room finally and put me in a wheel chair. They hooked me up to an IV and took my blood to find out how my red blood cell count was and to see how much blood I had lost. I tried not to cry but I was so scared and it seemed like they didn't even care at the hospital what was going on, I kept looking up at Dev from time to time and he always looked teary eyed so I tried to not get so upset because I knew he was a little scared too and felt so bad for me because he couldn't do anything. They finally took me back to the ER. Now those again that have sensitive ears you can stop reading here you know that I am alive because I am typing this. Sorry for those that do read on you know how blunt I am. Anyway the nurse had me remove my clothes and there was blood everywhere. I had passed two soft ball size clots and that time as well. There was blood everywhere at this point and I told the nurse they could just go ahead and through all my clothes away, they were probably ruined anyway! They got me in a bed and hooked up to monitors. The ER Dr. came in and said he can't believe for all the blood I have lost and the clots that I am passing how great my vitals were and my blood count was still great. They took me back to have an ultrasound and they found maybe a dime size piece of placenta still inside of me and this was the bodies way of taking care of it. We were waiting to hear back from the Dr. if they were going to do a DNC or what. Anyway the Doc came back in and said that they weren't a hundred percent sure what they found in the ultrasound but they wanted to admit me to the hospital to get the bleeding under control and stopped. They were going to start me on PIT (which is the drug they give you to start labor or to have the uterus contract back down) they didn't want to do a DNC because 2 weeks post par tum I guess could be dangerous. They admitted me at midnight Sunday night or I guess early Monday morning. They started me on the PIT and I passed my last clots about 1:30 a.m. I sent Devin home. Jamie my sister had Easton and Gracie (yes 9 months pregnant, poor girl but thanks a million). The PIT helped slow down the bleeding and I stayed at the hospital while they monitored me to make sure I wasn't going to start bleeding again. They finally released me around 4:00 Monday afternoon. I was sure glad to go home. They sent me home with this drug like PIT that is supposed to stop the bleeding and clean me out pretty much. The whole experience was scary and frustrating. For those of you that don't know or may have forgotten it was exactly 4 years ago to the day I was hospitalized for an infection from my c-section with Easton. Maybe next time around I just need to schedule w/the hospital or ER an appointment to be there anywhere around week 2-4 after having a baby. I am ok now and just glad to be back home w/my babies especially the new one! I just have to take it easy for the next few days which as some of you know is hard for me to do. It was a trial for a couple days and all I kept thinking was are you serious I couldn't believe it was happening. It was interesting though I was thinking back on how Devin gave me a blessing when I was in labor with Gracie and towards the end of it he talked about trials. I remember at that time thinking great is something going to go wrong with delivery or Gracie and saying something to my mom about it and then this happened. Who knows maybe it was a for warning of what was to come because of what happened! It was all pretty depressing and discouraging but it could have been worse. I feel very blessed that I am healthy and so is my little Gracie.


Craig said...

Oh Amy! You poor thing! Glad you're feeling better. No wonder Devin didn't call Craig back to see if we could come see baby Gracie. We will though!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, Amy!
I can't believe how much you go through with your little ones. I am glad that you are okay, and feeling better.
Happy belated b-day!

Jensen's said...

Hey Ams glad to know things are a little better. We miss you & hope you guys are safe & sound for a little while!

The Genta Family said...

I'm so sorry... I'm glad your ok and back home with you kiddos. Happy Birthday! I hope things settle down for you guys soon.
Love, Audrey

Cammi said...

I'm so sorry :( I'm glad everything is ok!!