Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First day of Preschool

Tuesday was Easton's first day of Preschool. This will be his 2nd year and his last. He goes to a lady that used to be in my ward growing up in Orem. He loves it and his teacher Mrs. Tammy. So it's nice because every Tuesday and Thursday I get two and half hours to myself (well except for Gracie). On the other hand it makes me so sad that this time next year he will be in Kindergarten.I often ask myself, where has the time gone? The things that he says and does everyday makes him seem ten sometimes instead of four. I don't realize how smart he is.My dad always says that he is worried because he thinks that Easton might be smarter than all of us because of the way he acts and the things he says or does sometimes. I love how sweet he is and protective of me, we have been through alot together. He will always be my special little buddy even the day he gets married and has "another" women in his life. Don't get me wrong he is not a perfect angel all the time! He is a typical boy and is one of the most stubborn four year olds I know. I don't know if you have ever heard the song by Kenny Chesney "Don't Blink" it is such a good song and if you haven't heard it I will try and download it on here sometime for you. It is a great song though to let you know how fast life goes by. Just sit down and take it all in because before you know it your life's almost over. My favorite part of the song is "when your hour glass is out of sand, you can't flip it over and start again". That is so true. Anyway even though it is hard sometimes and challenging I love being a mom and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for sending these two sweet little spirits to me!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TaLkIn TuEsDaY

So todays topic....regular household chores, such as making the bed and laundry, etc. Why do we do it?? Especially making the bed. We get up make the bed that we just slept in. We tuck straighten, smooth and put decorative pillows on and for what?? To take them all off and undo everything we just did not that long ago. Then only to have our husband complain about the stupid decorative pillows and comforters that we don't even use. It just gets folded up and laid down at the end of the bed until it's made again. We do this routine over and over. I just personally feel it is so pointless. Especially when sometimes I don't get around to making the bed until later in the afternoon because I am doing more important things that NEED to get done. So then the bed is only made for like 6 hours, so stupid. Also folding laundry and putting it away. Now I know why we do laundry so we have clean clothes, towels and whatever else.But then again what is the point of folding it and putting it away especially when you just get it out wear it or use it then throw it back in the dirty clothes again to be washed, refolded and put away. Especially with underwear you only wear it once and I feel that is something I am always washing folding and putting away for it to just be done again in a few days. We should just get these huge baskets for each thing like; clothes, towels, underwear, etc. throw them in there when they are clean and you just pull them out when you need them. Then you don't feel as bad for folding them and putting them away just to get them unfolded and back out to use again. I know I am so re tarted or maybe just lazy but I swear especially the making the bed thing are just pointless things to my day that will never end. Well the wraps it up for today's Talking Tuesday. Until next time......

Monday, August 25, 2008


The three stooges all snuggled together in Gracie's Crib! (this is what we were doing while the guys were acting like they were ten years old)

Need I say more??? On Saturday night I invited my sisters and their husbands over for game night, not Xbox night!!! We started off eating Chinese food that we ordered in and then we were going to play games. Which started out being a nightmare with 3 baby girls all under 4 months that were screaming and 2 four year old little boys who were bouncing off the walls. After we got everything all settled this is what we found. Ummm hello we were going to play games as "couples" and not Nintendo games either. Needless to say we didn't get started until 11:00 P.M. and the games only lasted an hour. Next time sisters we are going to forget the guys, the kids, and the games all together and just do a girls night!

Summer coming to an end

I cant believe that Summer is nearly over, where did it go? I took Easton last Friday to Seven Peaks one last time for the Summer and before he goes back to preschool. My mom watched Gracie so Easton and I could hang out and enjoy ourselves. This was my first Summer not working in 10 years and my first Summer home as a "stay at home mom". I have really enjoyed it and can't believe how fast it went. It was only 3 months ago I was 8 months pregnant taking Easton to Seven Peaks almost everyday even though I had no business being there because I was so hot, tired and ornery. I would hall a bag, lawn chair, and a cooler along with my four year old in tow until I had Gracie. We would go with my sister Jamie and her little boy Hunter and Jamie was pregnant too. Atleast the little boys enjoyed themselves. One day while we were there the staff was so unorganized and we had season passes and had to wait in this long line. When we finally got up to the front I took it out on the supervisor standing there. Jamie was so embarrassed, she was like maybe you shouldn't come anymore. It was so funny! Everyday it was so nice to have a spotless house, I was organized, and even had beds made everyday. Here we are now I have an almost 2 month old baby and I am lucky if I get my teeth brushed let alone anything else. It has been a fun Summer and we still have one last thing we are doing. We leave for Lake Powell on Thursday night until Monday night so will see how fun that can be with a newborn. Anyway I am just glad I get to stay at home with my kids and enjoy everyday with them and the fact the I just get to watch them grow. I do miss my job, clients and co-workers but I feel so blessed that I can raise my family because not alot of people get the opportunity to do it. I know last time with Easton I missed out on so much and now I can just sit back and see them learn and figure out everything for the first time! I am loving it!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TaLkIn TuEsDaY

So I was talking with my friends at Bunco and I was telling them how I wanted to do something on my blog that was fun. You know how some people have Flashback Friday or tips of the week or something. Well I am doing Talking Tuesday. So every Tuesday I am going to post some random thought or vent just talk basically about whatever is on my mind, which could be scary. Who knows you may get sick of it but it will be fun for me because I do enjoy talking and I know I do it alot. Which brings us to today's topic. I know I know I will admit I am one of those people that is into all the Hollywood gossip and Super Market Tabloids, who is wearing what and who's dating who. So how many of you have seen the 19 pages of Brad and Angelina's twins in the August issue of PEOPLE Magazine. They are very cute, the twins and as far as Brad and Angelina poster couple of the century right?? Whatever to be honest they make me sick every time I hear or see anything about either one of them I want to vomit and all I can think about is Angelina you freakin home wrecker. I will admit that I feel so bad for Jennifer Aniston. Has anyone ever thought about her in this whole thing. How they just keep adopting and popping out more kids and it is just shoved down her throat! I don't care what anyone says she is still human and it probably kills her. Did anyone even realize that when Brad and Angie got pregnant with Shiloh, Brad and Jennifer's divorce wasn't even final yet. Is a matter a fact Jen and Brad were only separated for 7 months when it happened. Geese Brad you don't waste anytime do ya before your back in the saddle again! Not to mention Angelina is a crazy person she wore a vile of blood around her neck of her then husband Billy Bob and at one of the Oscars sometime on 2000 or something she made out with her brother in front of everyone after she won her award. She used to talk about how she would have multiple sex partners and some of them women, one Asian actress or whatever and she mentioned knives and stuff in the bedroom. Crazzzzyyy......she has said how Brad has tamed her ways....well duh! I also think she is not as hot as everyone makes her out to be look at her face in every picture before 2004 and she looks like a horse. I know I am no super model but Jen has it in the bag, she is classy and gorgeous.I think Brad is just scared and backed in to some corner he is afraid to get out of and now he can't I mean I think he loves his kids and all but who knows what really goes on behind closed doors I bet Angie is scary! I could go on and on forever about this subject maybe just because I have been a women scorned who knows. I will admit that the kids they make together are beautiful!!
Congrats you two Congrats!!! You've done it again.......And that wraps it up for Talkin Tuesday for those that made it through we will see you next week same day same blog!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gracie's two Week Pictures

I figure since Gracie is six weeks old I would finally post her two week pictures. I tried to do a slideshow but for some reason it wouldn't work on my computer tonight. So I had to limit what I put up and I know what your thinking...this isn't limited at all but I am a bias mom and there is double this that I wanted to post! Thanks again Tiffany for doing her pictures I think they turned out great!! I can't believe she is already six weeks old, man how the weeks have flown. I was looking at these pictures and it has made me sad because she is not that little anymore. I swear she has doubled in size. When she was first born I thought she was never going to fit in all these cute Summer clothes that were 0-3 months before it wasn't hot anymore because she was so teeny. I wanted her to get big so fast so she could wear them and now that she can I just wish she was little again. I always have to remind myself to live for the now not "what's next". I am only going to get this once with her so I just need to live each moment to the fullest and enjoy it! She is so fun and sweet though and I love having a little girl.....the bows, skirts, dresses, and bracelets. I am going to have to file bankrupcy because I can't help but buy every girl thing I see.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A little Break

So this last week I went down to my parents vacation house in St. George. It was just the kids and me along with my parents, my brother CJ and sister Jenessa. We had alot of fun. It was great for me and was really relaxing because my sister Jenessa help take care of Gracie half of the time. (except for in the middle of the night when she would get up to eat, of course) So I got to lay out and swim the whole time.The weather was really hot but nice for swimming and laying out anyway. Easton had a ball just being there, he was grandpa's buddy the whole weekend since daddy wasn't there. He had grandpa watching cartoons with him, playing catch, and chasing him around the house it was cute. He was so funny because he wouldn't come out to the pool unless Grandpa or CJ was going to come with him.Gracie was really good and wasn't put down hardly because everyone wanted to hold her. She was smiling so much for everyone but Grandma. So my mom doesn't believe she really can smile because every time she would smile we would try and get grandma's attention she would stop or grandma would miss it. I think she was teasing you mom, soon you will be able to see her cute smile and dimples. One night Gracie even slept 7 hours which was a treat. Devin couldn't come because of work but hey it was a nice break from him too. LOL Now if I can just get one without the kids....... The pool and Hot tub!
View from the backyard
Gracie having her bath in the sink
Aunt Nessie helping and uncle CJ doesn't do so well w/the camera
Mommy and Grace girl!
I love her in her towel
Asleep in her bouncer
Isn't she precious!!!!