Friday, August 15, 2008

A little Break

So this last week I went down to my parents vacation house in St. George. It was just the kids and me along with my parents, my brother CJ and sister Jenessa. We had alot of fun. It was great for me and was really relaxing because my sister Jenessa help take care of Gracie half of the time. (except for in the middle of the night when she would get up to eat, of course) So I got to lay out and swim the whole time.The weather was really hot but nice for swimming and laying out anyway. Easton had a ball just being there, he was grandpa's buddy the whole weekend since daddy wasn't there. He had grandpa watching cartoons with him, playing catch, and chasing him around the house it was cute. He was so funny because he wouldn't come out to the pool unless Grandpa or CJ was going to come with him.Gracie was really good and wasn't put down hardly because everyone wanted to hold her. She was smiling so much for everyone but Grandma. So my mom doesn't believe she really can smile because every time she would smile we would try and get grandma's attention she would stop or grandma would miss it. I think she was teasing you mom, soon you will be able to see her cute smile and dimples. One night Gracie even slept 7 hours which was a treat. Devin couldn't come because of work but hey it was a nice break from him too. LOL Now if I can just get one without the kids....... The pool and Hot tub!
View from the backyard
Gracie having her bath in the sink
Aunt Nessie helping and uncle CJ doesn't do so well w/the camera
Mommy and Grace girl!
I love her in her towel
Asleep in her bouncer
Isn't she precious!!!!


Jamie said...

She is so dang cute! A very feminine version of Devin. So, I'm not sure if its just my computer, but your journaling is showing up in all symbols. Too funny!!

Meg said...

Me too James.. I thhink she did the winding font hhahah. Don't know what you said but the pictures are darling! And I think CJ did a great job! That was an awesome picture! Love you

Michelle Tolboe said...

YES she is precious!! Looks like I should've been there!! LOL

Mogle Family said...

um, we can't read your post either but from the pictures it looks as if you may have been in St. George...maybe you forgot that we freakin' live down here! Hope the vacation home was fun!

Amy Jensen said...

Sorry is that better?? It should be fixed now. And Tara I know I am a brat I totally spaced that you guys live down there now. I struggle, sorry. Next time I go down I will for sure call.

Brand N' Kys said...

Well I am jealous. I want a break from my husband and go down to st. george! Ok Gracie is growing up so fast it breaks my heart!