Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer coming to an end

I cant believe that Summer is nearly over, where did it go? I took Easton last Friday to Seven Peaks one last time for the Summer and before he goes back to preschool. My mom watched Gracie so Easton and I could hang out and enjoy ourselves. This was my first Summer not working in 10 years and my first Summer home as a "stay at home mom". I have really enjoyed it and can't believe how fast it went. It was only 3 months ago I was 8 months pregnant taking Easton to Seven Peaks almost everyday even though I had no business being there because I was so hot, tired and ornery. I would hall a bag, lawn chair, and a cooler along with my four year old in tow until I had Gracie. We would go with my sister Jamie and her little boy Hunter and Jamie was pregnant too. Atleast the little boys enjoyed themselves. One day while we were there the staff was so unorganized and we had season passes and had to wait in this long line. When we finally got up to the front I took it out on the supervisor standing there. Jamie was so embarrassed, she was like maybe you shouldn't come anymore. It was so funny! Everyday it was so nice to have a spotless house, I was organized, and even had beds made everyday. Here we are now I have an almost 2 month old baby and I am lucky if I get my teeth brushed let alone anything else. It has been a fun Summer and we still have one last thing we are doing. We leave for Lake Powell on Thursday night until Monday night so will see how fun that can be with a newborn. Anyway I am just glad I get to stay at home with my kids and enjoy everyday with them and the fact the I just get to watch them grow. I do miss my job, clients and co-workers but I feel so blessed that I can raise my family because not alot of people get the opportunity to do it. I know last time with Easton I missed out on so much and now I can just sit back and see them learn and figure out everything for the first time! I am loving it!!!

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