Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feeling sorry for myself......

So I went to the Dr.'s again yesterday for my 38 week appointment and don't worry NOTHING is going on I am still the same! I couldn't even write about it yesterday because I was so mad. I know I still have two weeks left but the reason for the frustration is because I have had contractions almost every day and I have had other things happen "down under" to have there atleast be some sort of sign that I should have been doing something! I also realize I have a scheduled c-section for the 8th of July which is a day early so no matter what I won't go over! I just don't want to have another c-section I want to be able to have a baby the"normal" way like everybody else. I know either way is not fun but I really want this baby to come and I want to do it on my own not have it cut out of me. Anyway I know I am probably sounding ridiculous but I think at this point I am allowed to be, so we still have 13 more days and counting so lets see if we can't get this baby here before then. My predicament is (and I have said this all along) if she does come early it will be on the 4th of July. If that's the case great what other holiday would you want your birthday celebrated on especially with fireworks! So for those of you that got through this irrational and pointless paragraph thanks for listening. Until next time..............

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A little something to report!

Week 37 here we are so I had my Dr. appointment today. Needless to say I was going expecting to hear that I was doing absolutely nothing. Well first off I didn't gain anymore weight this week I stayed the same as last week so that is good......I am dilated to one and 50% e faced. Not to bad for having three weeks left. The Dr. said that if I was still doing something next week that they would strip my membranes. I also asked him about how much he thought she weighed right now and he said if he had to guess she is about 7lbs. So it looks like it could be another big baby. (Easton was 8lbs. five days early). Anyway that's all I have to report for now. Other than the fact that I forgot how bad it hurt when they check you. By the way for those that hate how blunt I am or have sensitive ears you may want to stop reading now but It hurts when the Dr. pretty much has his whole arm up you and he's like you are going to feel a little pressure and your like really not like I haven't already been feeling that for months and your swollen down there as it is and your like get your hand out of me!!!! Just thought I would get that off my chest.....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Easton's Party at Chuckee Cheese

Happy Birthday Easton!!!

Easton turns 4 years old today and I can't believe it! I took him this morning to Ernies Sports Deli because that's were he said he wanted to go. You see my dad and a bunch of us go to Ernies almost every Saturday morning so Easton loves to go there and eat breakfast and that's what he wanted to do for his birthday this morning. I am going to take a moment and be a cheezy mushy mom with an Ode to Easton. Easton is my saving grace, I honestly would not be here if it wasn't for this sweet little boy. Even though he was so little and in someways had no idea what was going on he helped me through one of the hardest trials in my life so far. He was what got me through everyday, he has always been my little buddy. I always say Easton you are my best buddy and he says well you are my best mommy! The day I got pregnant with him I knew I was carrying a special spirit and felt such a bond to him right away. He has been such a blessing in my life and can't believe how smart, cute, and sweet he is! I can't believe that he is mine and that I am so lucky to be his mom, I thank my Heavenly Father every day for him. I love you Easton and hope you have a great 4th Birthday!! Thanks for being my very best buddy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

4 Weeks Left and nothing really to report!

I had my 36 week appointment today at the Dr.'s so now I will go weekly. Sadly enough nothing too exciting to report. I did loose a pound though so I guess that's good. She is head down and is measuring right where she is supposed to be. I do have Braxton Hicks a million times a day but I guess that really doesn't mean anything! So unless she comes early and I go into labor on my own or my water breaks I have a scheduled C-section for Tues. July 8th at 7:30 a.m. So let's hope and pray that I start making some progress soon or that she will just be nice and come early so I won't have to have another c-section.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


What I was doing 10 yrs. ago: I was almost fifteen and so excited to start Highschool, which now I wish I could go back and do it better!

5 yrs. ago:
I would like not to think about five years ago other than knowing a year after that I had my sweet baby boy Easton!

1 year ago: We had just bought our house a few months before and we were trying to get prego after two miscarriages. (although I think I was trying harder than Devin!)

Yesterday: I woke up got ready, went to Jamie's baby shower, went to the Dr.'s, and then went home and made BLT sandwiches for dinner. (I know I have an exciting life).

5 favorite snax: diet coke w/lime from Sonic or PEPSI from Crest, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Laffy Taffys, Popcorn, and Peanut M&M's

5 favorite books: To be honest I don't even think I have read 5 books as of late other than the Twilight Series so I am going to have to go with that!!

5 places I would love to run away to: Vegas, New York, Bahamas, Park City, or just anywhere exotic with a beach.

5 bad habits:
Swearing, biting my nails, nagging (well atleast to Devin, especially as of late), eating to much chocolate, and shopping to much! (But I just love it)

5 things I would never wear: Mini Skirt, Skinny Jeans, way flat shoes because of my big feet, sandals with socks, and more than one earring in each ear!

5 pet peeves: Slow drivers, people when they chomp or play with their gum, my husband the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy, my child the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy along with his whining, and the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy. (Sorry couldn't think of 3 other things right now)

5 things I like to do: Go on vacation, go shopping, going to movies with my hubby, playing bunco, and now blogging.

5 favorite TV shows: Lost, Law and Order: SVU, American Idol (when it's on), Keeping up with the Kardashians (I know I am naughty), and any Friends re-runs.

5 famous people I would like to meet: Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Ripa, Mariska Hargitay, and my favorite local famous dude; Kyle Korver! (Go Jazz, don't worry we will get em' next year)

5 People That I Tag..... Jen, Cammi, Karalee, Ashley, and Alyse!

Jamie and Baby Hallie's Luncheon

Yesterday my mom's friends put together a baby shower luncheon for my sister Jamie . She is expecting a baby girl the end of July. It has been fun being pregnant with Jamie again and fun that we are going not only to have our little girls only three weeks apart but our sister Kylie's baby girl just 2 months older as well. I love my sisters so it will be great to have all of our girls grow up together and the fact that they will all three be so close in age. I am sure there will be alot of drama because hello they are girls and will be a product of us "Schroeppel girls" but it will be so much fun!!! Love you James, you look beautiful you hardly look pregnant in this picture and I can't wait to meet baby Hallie.

Kangaroo Zoo

Last Thursday Easton and I went to Kangaroo Zoo with my sister, friends and their kids! It was crazy but alot of fun for the kids and most of the moms. Easton had alot of fun playing with his cousin Hunter and Audrey's little boy MaKoy. I enjoyed my self just by sitting and talking to those that weren't chasing around their kids and thinking that I only have a few more weeks of some sort of sanity before I get two kids here but I am sure it will be a great adventure......

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boring Wednesday

So today Easton and I sat in all day because of the crappy weather! It was good though, I got alot done. I cleaned my entire house from top to bottom. It only took eight hours thanks to having a big pregnant belly and having Braxton Hicks every 20 minutes or so. I could tell that Easton loved just staying in and not having to go anywhere all day. Verses from other week days when I worked he would have to be up, dressed and out the door by eight in the morning. Needless to say he stayed in his PJ's until 4:30 this afternoon. Don't you just love kids in their pajamas I think he looks so cute! He helped me clean a little by dusting and picking up his toys. I can tell he is loving me being home about every half hour he would yell out "Mom" I would say "ya" and he would then say every time "I just love you so much you are the best mommy in the whole wide world" It was sweet. Well hopefully this weather will get better soon or we might run out of things to do!

First Day of Seven Peaks

So Monday was day one of Seven Peaks. I bought a pass for the Summer so Easton and I could go all the time since now I was going to be a "stay at home mom". Easton was so excited. My sister Jamie bought one too so we could take the boys together. I also talked most of my friends into getting one also, so it should be a fun summer at Seven Peaks. I remember the good ol' days when I would go in Jr. high and High school with my friends with our skinny bodies (which at the time we took for granted) to meet boys and have fun. It was definitely the happening place, seems it still is for kids that age. Now it's just me my little boy and my 8 month pregnant belly along w/my sister (who also has a pregnant belly), friends and their kids. Wow how times have changed!! Anyway we had fun, I am sure we will all be sick of it by summers end.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Alot to Post

Sorry, I kind of posted alot for one day but I got behind and there were a few things I wanted to put on that happened the last week or so. I also realize on some posts I rambled so again sorry!

BUNCO Baby Shower

On Saturday my friend Audrey gave me a baby shower. A few of my girlfriends came and it was alot of fun. We went to Pizza Factory in Provo. Everyone that came was Jamie, Rhianna, Audrey, Kristi , Cammi, Jen and her cute little girl Cali. Thanks everyone for coming and for all your cute sweet gifts and thanks again Audrey for all that you did! I love you guys and am so glad for your friendships!


So it's official! I am done working, Friday was my last day. It was a bitter sweet day, here is a picture with me and all my friends that I worked with. (Some for the seven years I have been in the business.) I am afraid though the job I have retired too will in some ways be harder but more fulfilling (I am talking about being a mom for those who haven't caught on yet and if you don't think that being a mom is alot of work or hard sometimes you live in a fantasy world). I am excited though to start a new chapter in my life and the fact that Easton is so excited makes me even happier. I will miss it though I loved my job and working, there was something about it that made me feel needed and important. I was Amy Jensen not just Eastons mom or Devins wife, not that those are bad things. I will miss my clients, friends and most of all working with my dad. It was fun to see him in a different light and what a smart, fun, hard working guy he is! He really is the best at what he does. Anyway I feel completely blessed though that I get to stay home and be a mom. I also am thankful for the seven years I got to work hard, experience and learn so much not just about my job but myself.

Memorial Weekend in St. George

For Memorial Day weekend my sisters and our husbands (except for Jenessa she doesn't have a husband yet) went down to my parents house in St. George. We had a lot of fun just hanging out, eating, watching movies, playing games, and laying out at the pool in the backyard! Here is a picture of little Irelyn in her polka dot bikini not liking the pool water to much. And don't worry I will spare all of you the disgust of having to see pictures of me with my fat pregnant body in a bathing suit. We all went and saw Indiana Jones and to be honest was a little disappointed but it also didn't help that the theater did not have the AC on (in St. George) and being pregnant and hot don't mix, I couldn't sit still. My parents came down on Sunday and we also went to go visit grandpa Schroeppel in the hospital. At that point the poor guy had been in there 87 days & in and out of ICU, obviously not doing too well. We love you grandpa hang in there.