Sunday, June 22, 2008

Party Weekend!!!

The buddies snuggled up on the couch together watching some T.V. after a fun day! Notice how they both have their mouths is amazing to me how much alike they are. Aren't they cute.
I don't know why a big beached whale keeps jumping in all these pictures......anyway Happy 29th Dev! Your so old, only one more year until you are thirty....Ha Ha I love you and still think your hot!
Today we had my family all over for dinner and for Devin's Birthday. Devin made some really good Steak, Shrimp and chicken scewers. Yes I know he loves to barbecue even though it was his birthday dinner.
Devin opening up his presents, even though he hates gifts, I promise he really does. What a weirdo who hates getting gifts!
I think this is actually the first picture EVER I have gotten him to actually full on smile in.

On Saturday it was Devin's 29th birthday! We pretty much celebrated all weekend. First on Friday with his parents coming up and we went and ate at Tucanoes. On Saturday we went to Devin's favorite restaurant La Careta w/all of his "Battle Buddy's", as they call eachother (his friends from Gunnison). After that we went to see the movie "Get Smart" it was so funny!!


Jamie said...

I guess kylie called it! She said that she bet Amy will have all of her pictures posted from this weekend by tonight. LOL!!! Way to go you good, little blogger!

Brand N' Kys said...

I just know you so well! I am glad Dev had a fun birthday! I love that picture of him and easton on the couch, it's weird how a like they are... very cute! hopefully though, gracie walks in her mommys shoes ;)

The Genta Family said...

What a fun weekend! Happy birthday Devin!

Jensen's said...

How are things going whats the update for the babes? Hopefullly good? Are you ready to have her? I bet so. Looks like you guys had a great time for dev's bday. Hope all is well. oh You should email cami sunderland & tell her that she needs to invite me & jorg to see their blog!

Ashley said...

Looks like you guys had a fun weekend.
Didn't someone say that they were going to call me last week? Maybe this week! (I know you are busy!)
I can't believe that baby #2 will be here soon - you are going to LOVE having a girl!!