Sunday, June 1, 2008

Memorial Weekend in St. George

For Memorial Day weekend my sisters and our husbands (except for Jenessa she doesn't have a husband yet) went down to my parents house in St. George. We had a lot of fun just hanging out, eating, watching movies, playing games, and laying out at the pool in the backyard! Here is a picture of little Irelyn in her polka dot bikini not liking the pool water to much. And don't worry I will spare all of you the disgust of having to see pictures of me with my fat pregnant body in a bathing suit. We all went and saw Indiana Jones and to be honest was a little disappointed but it also didn't help that the theater did not have the AC on (in St. George) and being pregnant and hot don't mix, I couldn't sit still. My parents came down on Sunday and we also went to go visit grandpa Schroeppel in the hospital. At that point the poor guy had been in there 87 days & in and out of ICU, obviously not doing too well. We love you grandpa hang in there.

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