Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jamie and Baby Hallie's Luncheon

Yesterday my mom's friends put together a baby shower luncheon for my sister Jamie . She is expecting a baby girl the end of July. It has been fun being pregnant with Jamie again and fun that we are going not only to have our little girls only three weeks apart but our sister Kylie's baby girl just 2 months older as well. I love my sisters so it will be great to have all of our girls grow up together and the fact that they will all three be so close in age. I am sure there will be alot of drama because hello they are girls and will be a product of us "Schroeppel girls" but it will be so much fun!!! Love you James, you look beautiful you hardly look pregnant in this picture and I can't wait to meet baby Hallie.


Tiff said...

You guys all look so cute how fun to be prego with all your sisters! Can't wait for your baby to get here!

Jamie said...

Did your camera blow up, or is that really how I look?