Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Easton!!!

Easton turns 4 years old today and I can't believe it! I took him this morning to Ernies Sports Deli because that's were he said he wanted to go. You see my dad and a bunch of us go to Ernies almost every Saturday morning so Easton loves to go there and eat breakfast and that's what he wanted to do for his birthday this morning. I am going to take a moment and be a cheezy mushy mom with an Ode to Easton. Easton is my saving grace, I honestly would not be here if it wasn't for this sweet little boy. Even though he was so little and in someways had no idea what was going on he helped me through one of the hardest trials in my life so far. He was what got me through everyday, he has always been my little buddy. I always say Easton you are my best buddy and he says well you are my best mommy! The day I got pregnant with him I knew I was carrying a special spirit and felt such a bond to him right away. He has been such a blessing in my life and can't believe how smart, cute, and sweet he is! I can't believe that he is mine and that I am so lucky to be his mom, I thank my Heavenly Father every day for him. I love you Easton and hope you have a great 4th Birthday!! Thanks for being my very best buddy.


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday, East! We love you lots and lots!!

D & A Gardner said...

Wow That's so crazy he's 4! What a good little buddy you have. He will be an awesome older brother. Hang in there with the baby, your almost done.

The Genta Family said...

He looks so big... Happy Birthday Easton!