Thursday, May 22, 2008

Easton's End of the Year Preschool Program

Yesterday was Easton's Preschool Program. He hasn't quite graduated yet 1 more year still. It was a cute little program that he put on and of course he was himself (full of it)! He loves preschool though and his preschool teacher Ms. Tammy is great. He sang all sorts of songs he had learned along with actions to each one, his favorite song is called "The Alligator Purse". It was really funny, I can't believe how smart he is and all that he has learned. I also can't believe that he only has one more yr. of preschool and then he starts Kindergarten, it has gone by so fast. It's been so much fun being his mom and watching him learn and grow up I love him so much. Also thank you to Ms. Tammy for being a wonderful preschool teacher!


Camie said...

YEAH!!!!! I am so excited for you and your blog. Now we can finally stay updated on you and your cute family. One more week of work.... are you so excited? Let's plan some dates for our play days. Can't wait to meet Gracie---- only one more month :). Thanks for finally starting your blog--- I am so EXCITED!

Kristi F. said...

I love that boy! I'm sure he always keeps you on your toes! I'm so excited that you FINALLY started your blog! Are you excited for 7 Peaks days?? Just like the good old days!

Dave and Shelby said...

Hi Friend,
Oh my Gosh, I feel like I have not talked to you forever. Your little family looks so cute. I had to find your blog from jens. Thanks for letting me know you had one. It is so cute. I text you the other night to see when you were due and to say that you me and Jen need to go out. I really need some girl freinds!!! I heard that you get to stop working soon. Yea!!! I hope to see you a lot more when that happens. We should get all the kids together one day. They would love it. Well it looks like you guys are doing great. I am going to add you to my blog now. I am so happy you have joined.
xoxo Shelby

D & A Gardner said...

Cute blog! I love all of the pictures. Easton has gotten so big, I can't believe you have a four year old.

Ashley said...

Okay, yes, I am a blog stalker - found your blog on Kristi's.
I haven't talked to you for almost 2 YEARS!! Looks like you guys are doing great and congrats on your new little one in July.
Hope all is well and we should get together some time soon.

Jensen's said...

Yay, I'm happy that you have your blog done! only a little while til the baby... how is everything going? I hope great! Miss you guys!!! I was looking at your slide show & I was kinda bumbed you have all these fun pic's of trips with the fam... of course i'm not in any of them, so We need to have some fun vacations when Jorg & I get back! love you guys