Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Belated Post!


I have been wanting to post about this forever but have been so busy or Devin has had the computer but Devin is done with school for the Summer so maybe I will have a chance to be better at blogging! Easton graduated from pre-school on May 21, 2009. I was so proud of him and I cannot believe how far he has come. Not only since he first started pre-school when he was 3 but since the beginning of this year. Sometimes I can't believe he is my child cause he is so smart and knows so much! He has actually taught me alot as well. He learned this year all of his letters and their sounds and he has learned how to write his name. It is amazing how much it has already changed from when he first started writing it. He also learned and knows our phone number and address as well. Right before he was done with preschool he was just getting into reading so I think that will be are venture this year going into kindergarten. I can't believe I am actually saying that "kindergarten"! I can't believe how much he remembers too even just after telling him and saying it once. Last but not least he learned alot of songs this year. Easton has always loved to sing and actually has a sweet little voice as well. The one thing about this though that is so funny, it doesn't matter what song he loves music and will memorize every single word. He had the chorus of that "Had a bad day" song by Daniel Powder memorized when he was only 18 months old! He was so cute at the graduation he sang every single song, knew every single word and was singing the loudest, every one kept laughing. As I sat there watching him my eyes filled up with tears (yes I know I am going to be one of those moms that cries at every little thing) I just couldn't believe how much he has changed and grown up. It made me kind of sad to realize that from here on out it was just going to go by even faster, I also sat there very proud that I was his mom and he is my son and to look at how far he has come! Way to go East.

Just after receiving his diploma, Easton with his pre-school teacher Miss. Tammy

Easton as one of the three little pigs for a skit they did (he knew every one of his lines and didn't even need any help) it was so cute!

Singing the song "Sing me a Rainbow"

Me and my buddy!


Easton had the opportunity to play for a minute on his friends soccer team as a sub. He really enjoyed it, so I might have to sign him up for Fall soccer this year as well. He was a natural and also scored two goals, it was cute watching him play!

Cheezin it for the camera

Easton and his friend Ryken

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Jill said...

Oh they are so stinkin cute! I miss Easton and Ryken and their whole class!