Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to two very special people

First to my Grandpa Jack who turned 70 years old yesterday and

Then second to my sister Jamie!!!

My grandpa Jack is one of the greatest guys I know. He will help ANYBODY and we like to call him "Mr. Fix It" because he can fix almost ANYTHING. He is very affectionate and loving. Ever since I was a little girl we would get in trouble if the first thing that we did when we walked threw the door or saw him was giving him a hug and a kiss. I remember when I was a teenager I thought I was "too cool" for that and boy was I on his you know what list. Boy did he let me know it too and eventually he would end up saying "get over here you little shit" it was pretty funny. He always has the funniest little sayings and some of the greatest stories! He has always been into hunting and guns. He even has a den where he makes his own bullets. I have a ton of great memories of him growing up and I am so glad that we have been close.

Next up is Jamie. Happy 24th Birthday!! Where would I be without Jamie?? Probably wouldn't have been grounded as much as a teenager that's for sure. (I am just kidding we both know I got my self that punishment so often I didn't even need your help). Jamie is one of the strongest people I know. She is such a great sister. I know that I am her older sister but I have ALWAYS looked UP to her. She is alot of fun that you always just want to be around her or talking to her (I think that's why Kylie and I always call you so much) When we get together there is always good times with alot of silliness and laughter. I can always be myself when she is around, especially my crazy self. She was and always is there for me, she has helped me get through some of the toughest times in my life! Although we did fight alot growing up I still have more good memories than bad, I hope she can say the same. She is a great mother and wife. She is an excellent cook and very very creative. She is also a very good friend and such a great example to others. She is also very caring and supportive. I am so glad that she is not only my sister but one of my very best friends too. Love ya James I hope this was way way to mushy for you!!!

Last night at Grandpa's 70th Birthday party

Gracie my mom and me enjoying ourselves at the party

Jamie's Birthday lunch at Magelby's (thanks again Shelly for watching my kids so that I could go and enjoy myself)

Of course me and my mom showed up wearing the same shirt!


sue-donym said...

My mom and I do that ALL the time.

It's a really cute shirt by the way.

Jamie said...

You always make me laugh! I feel so lucky to have my sisters. You think a lot better about me than I deserve. Thanks for sharing my day with me. LOVE YOU!!!

Shelly said...

You girls are so cute! I am glad I was able to tend. I love your kids. Call me anytime.

Lindsey said...

i can't believe how much you and your mom look alike! so fun to find your blog! hope everything is going well for ya'll!!!