Monday, January 19, 2009

6 Month Stats

"Thank Heaven for little Girls"

So I figure since Gracie had her six month check up almost three weeks ago and is now well on her way to 7 months I figured I better post this fast because next thing I know she will be 1 year old!! I can't believe already that six months has gone by. My baby is getting so big and I feel like it has gone by even faster with the second. She is so much fun and I can' t believe sometimes that I have a little girl. Her little personality is already so different from her brothers and as much as I love him I am crazy about her. She is so sweet and special. Little girls are so fun and this one just melts my heart, I can't ever stop kissing her. She is already so spoiled. I just love her big Blue eyes and she has the cutest little smile.
She has been a very happy baby and already has this fun little personality. She is still an excellent sleeper still sleeps anywhere from 12-14 hrs. at night, she is just like her mama and needs her sleep. She loves to be talked to and loves to be on the go (another thing just like her mom). She hasn't quite rolled over yet but partly because I am bad and don't put her on the floor a whole lot. She hates baby food and rice cereal but sure loves that bottle. She still will growl, scream and babbles alot. She will laugh and giggle all the time, I love her little giggle it is the most contagious thing. She can say da da da and ba ba ba whether or not if it has to do with those two things who knows. Most of the time she loves her big brother and will get excited if he talks and plays with her but sometimes she will get ticked at him like "get away" it's pretty funny. He is really protective of her and would already do anything for her. He adores her just as much as Dev and I do. He makes sure when she is sleeping to be quiet to not wake her and when she does wake up from her naps he will ask and make sure "did she wake up on her own" because he wants to make sure he wasn't the one that woke her up. He will share his toys with her (which sometimes is scary) and he makes sure every night that he is the one that turns on her night light before she goes to bed and loves to hug and kiss her. He is such a good big brother!
She is for sure a mama's girl and prefers me to anyone else if I am around. She throws little fits at times which is kind of funny. She will also just stare at people forever too like she is trying to figure them out or like she knows something we all don't. She will look at me then at them back at me just to make sure it is ok. We are diffenantly thankful she is a part of our family, she is such a blessing and one more reason why I love being a mom and getting up every day. I don't know what I would do without my kids. I am so glad I have my Gracie and such a sweet little girl, she is so so fun, I am so happy that I get to be her mom. As much as I love both my kids the girl thing is so fun with all the dresses, skirts, shoes, bows and jewelry what else can I say!!



Bunnie said...

She is so cute I am so anxious to see her again.

Brand N' Kys said...

we love her too! especially when she growls at us. what a little sweetheart...

Jamie said...

I think Gracie has great taste. Afterall, she did choose me as her favorite aunt, right? Love that girl!

jEn said...

oh... she is so big! I love her! lunch soon?

Shelly said...

She is so dang cute. I am so excited to tend her and Easton today.