Saturday, March 14, 2009


In regards to the post below my dad's birthday was really yesterday. I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday due to the fact I had a really sick baby with a 102 fever. We had a really fun party last night in honor of him. It was really nice. Even though my dad was dreading it, I think it turned out great! There were alot of people there from his first 50 years of life to show their love and respect to him. Kylie my sister put a great video together with pictures of his life so far, along with interviews with his parents, 10 siblings, his beautiful bride, 4 daughters, son, and two grandsons saying their greatest memories of the guy and paying tribute to him. It was a great night, nothing but what is expected at a party with my dad; laughter, loudness, tears, good food and fun. Those that didn't or couldn't come really missed out!!!


jEn said...

how fun. was it not a surprise? is baby feeling better?

The Shafer Family said...

It was a great party and that is a sweet post below. You are a good daughter to your daddy.

Meg said...

remember hows Kys post said where has Ky been? Girl.. you have disappeared from the blogging world for nearly a month!!! Come back!! your loving cousin who misses you!Meggie