Sunday, April 12, 2009

pLaYiNg CaTcH uP

So where have I been you ask?? Everywhere........

Two weekends ago we went to St. George with my sister Jamie and her family. We stayed at my parents vacation home! We went because we were supposed to be in Hawaii with my parents but "NO" that didn't work out, so St. George was supposed to compensate!(ya right). Anyway we had a really fun time!
The weather was beautiful so we played out by the pool alot and ate alot alot alot!!
As you can see one of the places we ate at. Everytime we have gone down to St. George since In N Out has opened it was nuts inside and the drive thru too. The food, it was just ok, nothing to write home about. Jamie, Devin and I kept saying how we would of just rather had a good ol' Whopper from Burger King. We didn't understand what the big deal was other than "the name" itself.
James and me enjoying our food!
The boys as well.
Gracie loved the water, I couldn't keep her out of it.....time for her first suit to be worn!
The girls....aren't they so so cute in their little bathing suits, they loved it!
She is looking down because she wanted to be put back in!
Easton always loves the water, he spends ALL day going back and forth between the hot tub and the swimming pool. Which I don't know why, during the day the pool is warmer because we don't heat the hot tub just the pool! Silly kid. It was a fun quick trip. We left a day later than planned because Devin's friend died, which will be another post for another day. I love St. George, my parents house and the pool. I plan on being there ALL Summer. Yeah Summer!!! Can't wait.

So last weekend we went down to Gunnison. We go down every conference weekend, along with all of Devin's family. Cousins aunts uncles and all. It's tradition. We go down on Saturday and just hang while the guys go to Priesthood. We sleepover and the next morning we get up and go over to Devin's grandparents for Breakfast with the WHOLE JENSEN CLAN. It is actually alot of fun! Well this conference weekend was different. There was a little excitement right before the 1st half of conference on Sunday started.................

You see Devin's parents own a furniture store.........(shown above) and Devin's dad got a call about five minutes to ten that morning from Devin's brother in law, TJ. He said that a BOAT had gone through the store window....................................

We couldn't believe it, so of course we all had to see this one in a lifetime thing. So we all jump in the cars and headed down to the store. It was unbelievable!
A out of town couple from Cali were up visting their son. They thought that the road they were on was a four way stop. Well it wasn't so they hit a truck pulling a trailor with a boat on it which jolted the trailor right off of the truck swung it around and sent the boat flying into the window of the store. Luckily no one was hurt just the store, store windows, and the furniture out for display right by the window. The sad thing was the guy driving the truck that was hit, it wasn't even his truck or boat. The boat was for sale and he was taking it out on the lake fishing for a little "test drive" and also borrowes the truck from a friend to pull the boat. My brother in law told him "I wouldn't buy that boat if I were you" lol. Pretty crazy!
The boat being towed away!
Everyone helping to get the mess cleaned up. Thanks to all the grandsons, cousins and sons they had the mess all cleaned up and the windows boarded up in under two hours.

Later that day we had a little Easter party since we weren't going to be down for Easter.
My $5o Bill I got in my Easter egg and some random family pictures to follow.

Last but not least this last Wednesday we went to my sister Jenessa's fashion show at the highschool. Wow it brought back some memories from when I was there and did the same thing, not SO long ago! Nessie did a great job, she was a little model and performer on stage. She kept winking and pouting her lips in all her segments!

Me and Kris the HS fashion class teacher. She was my teacher for three years and it was 8 years ago this month that I was up on that stage. Oh memories.........Good job Nessie I am proud of you and I love ya!


Michelle Tolboe said...

Wow! I can't believe that boat hit their store!!!! Looks like you guys had fun in St. George. When are we going again????? :) :)

Meg said...

YEAH!!! You are back!!! I am so glad!! You might wanna change the color of your blue font.. it is REALLY hard to read.. Love all your stories and as always you look amazing!! I love the pic of Kris!! She was my Highschool teacher in 1995 and 1996!! She is a LEGEND!

Shelly said...

I want to come to the Jensen family easter egg hunt. 50 bucks!!! That is awesome. Love all the pictures. It is always fun to see updates.