Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy 50th Daddio

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest guys I know

A great husband

A great friend

A great grandpa

And a great father

To the man that taught me follow through is everything, to the man that loves deeper, to the man that is full of laughs and fun, to the man that is a great example, to the man that is full of integrity, to the man that shows affection and emotion, to the man that is always there, to the man that is respectful, to the man that is loud, to the man with the most stories, to the man you always want to be around, to the man that is the best girl dad in the world, to the man that shares a birthday with an angel, to the man that has such a great testimony and love for his Heavenly Father, to the man that always believed in me and to the man that shows that through trials, love, forgiveness, and experience 50 years doesn't really seem so bad! To the man that loved me first, I love you! Happy Birthday dad, here is to many many more!


Shelly said...

That was sweet Amy! I am glad you have such a great Dad and family.

Shropdog said...

Amy, your words meant more to me than I can describe. You always touch my heart. Although, you're much too generous, I'm only about 67% of what you gave me credit for. You are a shining star, and I love you more than you know.


BTW love the music.