Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Week

So on Tuesday we went to our wards Halloween Carnival. Here is Devin and Easton standing in line to play a game!
A couple of my Young Women. They were in charge of the face painting booth.
Easton getting his face painted
Go cougars!!!
Then on Thursday Easton had a parade and program at Preschool.......
There is my little Iron Man posing for the camera
Easton and his preschool teacher Miss. Tammy

On Friday, it was a Happy Halloween. We started the day going over to my sister Jamie's for a little play group get together. We ate really good soup and breadsticks. I brought some really good glazed donuts. There is nothing better on Halloween then chili and donuts!
Easton and Hunter decorating their sugar cookies
Kylie's mother in law made matching Halloween outfits for the babies and the boys. Aren't they cute! It was so fun! What little posers.
Here is all of them together...aren't they cute well Gracie was having a fit but we took alot of pictures!
Gracie all dressed up in her poodle costume. She was all tuckered out before the night even got started. She hated her costume if I even put it over her head or it got close to her eyes she would freak out. We went to our ward truck or treat then headed over to my moms.

We all had pizza and then Jamie, Luke and I took Easton and Hunter trick or treating in my moms neighborhood. Easton and Hunter were so funny. They kept saying at the door at every house: Trick or Treat, then Thank you, then Happy Halloween. It was a great night.

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jEn said...

eastons costume is cute. and so is Gracys. and so is yours.