Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A conversation with my son

Mom: Easton go put your shoes on

Easton: your not the boss of me

Mom: want to make a bet

Easton: when do I get to be the boss

Mom: someday

Easton: when I am a daddy

Mom: Yep

Easton: Mom, I don't want to get married

Mom: Why?

Easton: Because then you won't be my mommy anymore.....

Mom: I will ALWAYS be your mommy, even when you get married and are a daddy. Ok?

Easton: Ok

What four year old thinks of that? I just love him, he is so sweet......sometimes!(notice the first part of the conversation)


Meg said...

Oh how I love that boy! He is so YOU!! You never wanted to be without your MOMMY! :)
You should read him the book I love you forever (you probably already do!)

LOVE YOU Ames and Easton!

Ashley said...

he is too cute and smart Amy!

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing this! What a cute little boy and so smart. You gotta love what those little minds will think of.

Sierra said...

It's funny because Alli is really pre-occupied with this lately as well. It all started when my brother went on a mission and ty kept telling her that someday she could go on a mission. She was like, "but I don't want to leave mom." Now we talk about when mom stops being mom all the time...