Monday, November 17, 2008


So who would have thought when I was age 7 and was obsessed with New Kids on the Block that at age 25, married with two kids I would finally get to go to their concert. Not just that but go to the concert and have floor tickets 14 rows back from the stage, and not to mention the tickets were FREE! Who would have thought that 15 years later they would get back together and do a reunion tour and come to Salt Lake and I would not only want to but get to go to their concert. It was awesome! When I was younger I loved them I had their tape, VHS of their performances LIVE, the pajamas, slippers, sleeping bag, telephone, barbies, and posters. Well turns out I still love them and their music.
Here we all are waiting outside for the doors to open at the E Center to go see our childhood favorite boy band.
Here is Audrey and I dressed up in our 80's garb for old memory sake. The funny thing is half of this outfit I really do wear and wear together. ( I love my Dirty Dancing T-shirt)
Us girls....Cammi, Jen, me, and Audrey....livin it up and waiting for the concert to start.
Lady Gaga opened up the concert....she is a little weird and crazy. I like her hit song that's out right now, I am sure you have all heard it, it's called "Just Dance".
Here she is dancing in her spandex super woman looking underwear......
Natasha Bedingfield opened up for NKOTB....she was great in concert too, I love her music.
Up close and personal

Here they are.......... coming out, making their big entrance.
Me and Jen
Me and Audrey
Don't worry Donny Walhberg is still freakin hot!
Oh, and so is Joey McCyntire
They were great and so much fun LIVE. They were actually great performers and dancers as well!
They sang some songs from their new album but alot mostly from the past which I still remembered and loved. They had this TV Camara that was recording everybody dancing that they were showing on the big screen. We all stood on our chairs and were dancing and got on the TV and of course I wouldn't be myself if I didn't make a fool of myself in front of Everyone including NKOTB. So when I was dancing on my chair, the back of my heel got caught on the back of my chair and I almost fell back. I was holding on to Jen and Audrey for support, ya don't worry they got all of that on the Jumbo Tron TV!!
Anyway we had a blast. We laughed and sang and screamed until we had no voices. We were also deaf after the concert, our ears were ringing the rest of the night. It was so much fun! The concert didn't get over until 11:3o, New Kids were on stage perfoming for a little over 2 hrs. it was such a great show. After the concert we went to Chili's and got dessert. I didn't get home until 1:30 a.m. it was so fun to just let loose and be with my girlfriends, to be silly, giggle and scream and act like we were in Highschool again. Thanks Cammi for the tickets and for inviting me, I love you! Thanks girls for all the laughs and fun and especially for the memories. Lets do it again....soon.


Meg said...

OH Ames!! I total remember your OBSESSION! I never understood it!! hahahhaha BUT you were most DEFINITELY OBSSESED!! I remember the phone, sleeping bag, pillow, barbies etc... hahhahha OH HOW I LOVE YOU!!!

gillman said...

amy that sounds AWESOME!! so glad you had a good time and you look HOT!!
Meg :0)

jEn said...

i wish we still had all our nkotb gear! that concert was awesome!

Cammi said...

That was so fun! Thanks for coming with me... You are one hot mama.

Cammi said...

Oh and by the way I look like I weigh 500 pounds in the first pic. Take it down!! :) (just kidding)

The Genta Family said...

Let's do it again!

Sierra said...

so fun. It reminds me of when I went to see Brittany before she went insane. By the way, can I have your recipe for artichoke dip?

sue-donym said...

Your outfit is smokin'!

BTW - I can't find you on facebook. look for me under sue walters bradford. (if I'm not too old for you to hang with)