Friday, December 11, 2009


Don't you think time goes by so fast? You don't always realize it but the older I get the bigger my kids get and the more things change, the more I realize that time has gone by. A lot of time. especially lately. Like the fact it has been 4 months since I have last posted anything. Ya we have been busy with different things here and there. Mostly though there were just days I didn't want to blog or post anything. Then it occurred to me that those family and friends that we don't always see or talk to all the time may or may not want to check in and see what were up to but the fact remains the "reason" why I blog is so important for me cause it's kind of my way of journaling or scrap booking you could say. So bottom line is I need to get caught up and that is all of 4 months catching up. So I apologize ahead of time for the big post that will be done of major events that occurred over these months that I feel necessary to journal about. Devin is now done with finals before his next semester of his Masters program will pick back up again in January. So I have no excuse! I better get to this very soon before time passes me by again and I have yet even more to post about and the only person that will care is me!


Jamie said...

I've gotten pretty bad about the whole blog thing too. Maybe I should get on it as well. Glad to see you're back in business.

Lindsey said...

you both need to get busy!!! those cold in Ohio are looking for exciting events in far-away Utah! :)

Ashley said...

a blog to say you are going to blog more, but left me hanging!!! lol
I do the same thing all the time. Actually, I don't even get that far, its usually just a thought that crosses my mind!
Would love to see what you and your fam are up to!

Trimbles said...

Hey!!! :) No pics of the graduation???? Would you mind emailing me a few of dinner, Im not sure what happened to mine :) It was so fun seeing you all and meeting darling Gracie. My email is Thanks a bunch! :)