Monday, October 13, 2008

The honesty of Children

Look at this cute picture my son drew of our family, isn't it cute!

Notice the stick figure on the top of the page with the big round belly, ya that's me! Notice how all the other ones have small round bellies, ya that's everyone else. How I found this out you wonder, well Devin asked Easton. Conversation went a little something like this:

Devin: Easton who is the person with the big round belly?

Easton: That's mommy

Devin: why did you draw her with a big round belly?

Easton: Oh, because she just had a baby!

Ya well it's nice to know what my son thinks of me and how he portrays me......children!

PS the only good that came from this is a little more ambition to work out harder and I guess I did laugh about it later.


Meg said...

That is funny... I get kids asking me all the time when I am going to have my baby.. atleast you really have had one! :) Either way even if you were 250 lbs you would be still be VERY beautiful!

Shelly said...

Don't you know that kids at that age do not have complete control of their motor skills yet. LOL! You look great!!!!