Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lake Powell Trip

Labor day weekend we went to Powell with Devin's family. We stayed on his grandpa's house boat. It's not the most luxurious house boat but it's better than beaching it! (the house boat was probably built in the 60's mind you). We still had a really good time and pretty decent weather most the time. Not to hot or to cold which was great when you have a 2month old baby. I was really worried and had anxiety about Gracie not staying on her fantastic sleeping schedule but she did great, didn't even phase her! Devin pretty much fished the whole time along side with Easton. Who also played with his cousin Tate in the sand, water and along with their bumper boats their nice Uncle Jorgan bought them. I also couldn't believe how daring Easton was too he would jump off the house boat and even go down the slide all by himself which I was even afraid to do. He was a little fish. He also caught his very first fish ALL by himself as well. It was a Catfish and Devin was never more proud. (I saw his eyes get all watery). I got a little time to myself while Devin and his mom would watch the kids for me. I got to go swimming and on the boat a few times. We also went around on the tube which was fun, my father in law drives like a maniac throwing me off the tube giving me extreme whip lash. Only one swimsuit malfunction the whole trip exposing my ugly big white saggy bare breast to my sister-in-law and soon to be brother-in-law. So embarrassing I probably won't ever live it down. We had alot of laughs and made a ton of new memories. I am thankful for such great in laws. I also had a very neat spiritual experience as well. Thanks to my father in laws great devotional he held Sunday morning. He made everyone go around telling about spiritual things that have happened to them this year. I was really touched by everyone's comments but mostly by Stevie's my soon to be brother in law, he really inspired me and left me with alot of shed ed tears. It was a great experience, one I will never forget. Who knew that one Lake Powell trip could be left with so much diversity!

The amazing sunrise...I am obsessed with taking pictures of Sunrises and Sunsets

Fishing Buddies!!!

Sleeping Beauty (thanks Jen for the cute outfit)

Easton in his motorized bumper boat that his uncle bought him for his birthday!

The ugly Carp they caught

Easton fishing with his Spider Man fishing pole off the back of the house boat!

Only smiles when there is a pole in his hand

Devin proud of all the Catfish he caught

My chubby little girl (I like to call her Devin Jr.)

My little guy and me! (Don't let me scare you to bad without the makeup)

Our little family on the last day!


Jamie said...

Cute pictures. D.J. looks too cute for Lake Powell. (Do you think she'll hate me one day for nick-naming her that?) Tell Devin that red is his color!

Trimbles said...

Amy... I should have known you had a blog! :) You've officially been added to my stalking list. Dev showed me last night. I love the pics of Gracie and I cant believe how big Easton is!!! He was barely over a year when we moved. And Im completely jealous about these lake Powell pics... this is the first year in my life (other then the mission that doesnt count) that we didnt go to Powell. I'm having some serious withdrawels... I'll just have to sigh at your sunrise and sunset pics and I appreciate that someone other then myself takes them... I have to have SOMETHING to get me to next summer :)