Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TaLkIn TuEsDaY

Stay at home moms.......if you probably talk to anyone's husband they say "Easy" "What do you guys do all day anyway". I say we should get paid just like any other job. After working for so long and now I stay at home, I realize it's not all just R&R. It is so so much harder to stay at home with your kids than go to work all day everyday. Although both are not easy, staying at home is alot more work. An average day for me is feeding, changing diapers, making breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bathing, wiping bums, changing clothes, laundry, dishes, holding, burping, running errands with screaming kids or a child that runs away from me and throws temper tantrums in the store, and cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. I think it's fair enough to say this is most moms days give or take a little more! Anyway I bring this all up because even though it is hard and sometimes mundane I feel it is alot more rewarding for me anyway. There are days where I want to go back to work and it is hard but I truly enjoy staying at home. Alot of people have asked me if I like it and I think some thought because of my personality I guess or how I am I wouldn't enjoy it or like it but I do. Don't get me wrong when I first quit my job I was a little worried but mostly about that I would loose myself and become this other person that I didn't want to be. In some ways that is true but in all actuality I found this whole other person that I love being and wouldn't even have known or realized without all this. So needless to say I feel blessed to stay at home with my kids and that I have the opportunity to do it. I look at it as an opportunity because not everyone gets to do it that wants to. I love my kids and love being their mom and even though sometimes are hard and challenging, what I get in return makes it all worth while! There was this story that I once had and I need to find it and post it. It was about a mother and daughter talking and the daughter had just gotten married. She was telling her mom that her and her husband had decided to have a baby. Here is how the conversation went:

Mom: It will change your life forever and your life will never be the same

Daughter: I know, I know it will be hard and there will be days we wish we hadn't done it

Mom: That's not what I meant atleast in that way.....it will change your life forever in the fact that the love you feel and get in return is nothing like you will ever experience, you will never be the same in the fact that you will hear another child cry and you turn to see if it's yours, you will hear of another child missing or dying and not ache for that mother knowing the thought if you lost yours......

There was alot more and it was way better than what I wrote I just need to find it. Anyway my whole point to this talkin Tuesday is just a little cheer and shout out to all of you mothers and especially stay at home moms for a job well done. Even though we all have days we feel like terrible mothers and wondered if we are doing the right things and where we went wrong or want to even "kill" our children, I know we all share the same feeling of yes even though it has changed our lives forever we would never take back any moment of it. Because when my four year old is constantly telling me how much he loves me and my newborn baby is always smiling at me my thought can only go to how lucky I am and the love I have for these little people is like nothing else! So yes mother hood has changed my life forever and I am great full for it because I think that I am a better woman and person for it! So to answer the question do I like being a stay at home mom??? Why wouldn't I!!!

PS I know I have written alot lately about motherhood I guess just because lately I love being a mom but don't be surprised if you get some posts in the near future about some bad motherhood days because I am not a perfect mom and I defianantly don't have perfect children!!


Sierra said...

I know what you mean about staying at home. It is really rewarding in ways I didn't anticipate. Ty is always telling me that I spoil the girls, but I'm kind of proud of that. At least they aren't rotting away in some ymca daycare, like I did. And if they think the world is alot rosier than it really is, who cares? I hope I can shelter them as long as I can before they get old enough to see the truth for themselves.

Shelly said...

Staying at home is not easy and the list of jobs never end but the whole point is to be there for your kids. I wouldn't have it anyother way. I wouldn't want anyone else raising them or the kids coming home to an empty house with no parental guidance. The world is too scary now days and I thank Heavenly Father everyday that I get to be home for my children and Husband.

Iann said...

It's really too bad that those moms that do work are looked at like they don't love their children or want what's best for them. Really too bad!