Monday, September 22, 2008

Monica's Temple Day

The Happy Couple

The Pretty Bride

The whole
Fam and Devin and I in front of the Mt. Timp. Temple

All of the brothers and sisters with spouses. Us all eating dinner at Mimi's Cafe............Gracie out like a light. (so I actually got to enjoy my meal for once)

The temple day was beautiful. Devin's grandpa sealed Monica and Stevie and it was really nice. It was a great day, they were both so so happy! I am happy for Moe and I love that she is my sister in law and I am glad she has brought Stevie in our family. I have gotten to know him really well, he is such a great guy and loves Monica so much, she is a very lucky girl! Congrats you guys we are so happy for you.

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