Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First and LAST camping trip of the Summer

So this last weekend we went camping with Jamie and her family. We left on Friday and headed up 12 Mile Canyon which is above Manti, so we were in Devin's stomping grounds. Well we couldn't have chosen the worse weekend to go camping because it was so freaking cold! We still didn't let that stop us and had a good time.......well until bedtime came.

The Kiddos



So we did ALOT of fishing, there was this little beaver pond right next to our camp ground, so we lived there. Not so much "our" choice meaning James and I.

Little Easton fishing it up, well trying to.

Me and Grace Girl

Me fishing.....Yes I do sometimes!

Even Jamie got in on the action


Gracie chillin in the weeds

Hallie just chillin

Best buddies!!!

I know I can't believe I am holding it either (and threw it's mouth) but needless to say my beautiful Rainbow Trout I think was ONE of the BIGGEST!

Ya so did I mention we did a TON of fishing......

Fast forward to night time:
The little boys trying to stay warm by the fire

The pictures as far as night goes stop there. It was freezing butt cold! It was the worst night of my life and I think Gracie's as well. She hardly slept at all, she wasn't in HER bed and it was so cold. She cried almost all night long, even in her sleep that is how tired and miserable she was. When she was asleep it was on top of me or right beside me so I didn't hardly move so I wouldn't disturb her, so I wasn't even hardly in my sleeping bag and I think it got down into the high 20's, ya I know in August oh ya and did I mention we were in TENTS! I think I was ready to leave right then in the middle of the night. Once morning came imagine my relief but is was still very cold. I think the highest it got to that day was 54 but the wind would pick up every now and again and it was chilling.

My camera died, otherwise I would have gotten pictures of the next day. This was the only one I captured. We did see a couple of deer. We went fishing again on Saturday to this beautiful lake called EMERALD Lake. It was so pretty, there is a reason it has the name it does. We didn't last there very long. It was cold, Jamie and I were sick of fishing and was tired from the long night before. We decided to head back to camp, eat dinner, clean up and head home. It was mostly a fun camping trip, short, cold and tiring but fun. Good food and fishing. Thanks Jamie and Luke for the memories. Maybe we can do this again lets say.....................next year! Oh ya and lets pick a warmer weekend to go.

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