Monday, August 3, 2009

Hallie's 1st Birthday

Hallie Boo turned 1 on July 29th but we had her party the night before at Jamie and Luke's.

Getting into her cake and deciding she really likes this......

Right before her bath, she was a big mess!

Her cute princess cake that Jamie made. Even though it was a little crooked lol Jamie did a great job and it turned out so cute!!

Gracie doing her favorite thing with grandpa....being thrown in the air.

Don't ask me how we got all three of them to hold still for a picture but we did (and don't they all look a little somber well ya it was bedtime).

I can't believe they are all one now! Where does the time go? This has been such a fun year with all of them but we are just getting started. Happy birthday sweet Hallie Boo we love you!

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