Monday, August 3, 2009

Mini family reunion in Midway 24th of July weekend!

The reason I say mini was cause it was short and sweet but perfect. We went up to Midway with Devin's parents, Aunt and Uncle and cousins. The whole family wasn't able to make it so that is also why it was MINI. We stayed up in a beautiful cabin for 2 days. We went four wheeling, played SCUM and one night until 2:30 a.m. Ate good food of course and also went to Heber and got some shakes from "Granny's" apparently they are famous for their shakes but in my whole life living here never made it up there to Heber just for shakes. It was a fun weekend though to say the least.

Our view for two days

These guys weren't so bad either but Gracie slept horrible. I am telling you this girl apparently only sleeps her 12-14 hrs in "her" crib!

Devin and I on our 4-wheeler ride

Easton and grandma Debbie

View from the highest peak on our ride

Easton and his cousin Bella, she is quite the little poser. Good thing Easton had someone to play with. They played pretty cute together, I even think Bella got Easton to play house lol When he wasn't playing with Bella though he was obsessed with playing Devin's cousin hand held play station thing.

Grandma Debbie and Grace girl

On our way down from the Cabin we went shopping at the outlets (of course) and bought a few items. Then after that we went and ate at Ruby Tuesday with Dev's parents. It was really good and a great way to end the trip!


Meg said...

had Devin's Dad been drinking? LOL I love the pics!! What a fun weekend!

The Jensen's said...

Bummer, we miss you guys