Monday, August 3, 2009

"We are the Champions"

My brother plays on an Allstar baseball team for Orem. He was "hand selected" last spring to play on this team. They have worked very hard and were able to go to tournament. They went undefeated the whole time and went to State! So on Wed. July 22nd me and all my sisters along with the kiddos went up to Kaysville to support our little bro. They were playing a team not only that they had won before but killed. It was so cute watching him play and as his oldest sister I must say I was really proud, he is quite the ball player. Well I don't know if it was nerves or all in their heads but they lost the first game but luckily for us it was double elimination so since we had beat this team before they had to beat us twice. It was a hot long day, the first game started at 3:30 and went tell about 6:15 p.m. mind you we had all of our kids too and did I mention it was hot! So we of course had to stay until the second game was over. Needless to say my brother's team was able to beat this other team again. They actually one by alot, they normally go until 7 innings but we were done by 5 with the 10 run rule. Which means we kept getting homers and scoring schooling them over and over! The final score was 16 to 2. So my brother and his team were able to go to Nationals in Cali, which is where they were this last weekend. After the game we found out that this is the first time EVER that Orem has been to State and won. Let alone go to Nationals. It was pretty cool to see and like I said I am one proud sister. Congrats CJ, we love you!

My Bro and his team

His proud sisters

Proud parents

Hot little Gracie

And hot little Easton (look how red their cheeks are)

#1 Baby!!!


The Jensen's said...

yikes i believe its truly been as long summer & we need an imediate get together ASAP....we were just looking @ your new post & you know things are pretty bad when although jorg might not be the best with kiddo's when he doesn't recognize his own niece & says who's that... thats a PROblem!!

The Jensen's said...

even when the caption said " hot Gracie