Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Girls Camp

So the last weekend in June I had the opportunity to go up to girls camp for one night and two days! I had so much fun. I loved girls camp all the years when I was a YW, I went every year and had so much fun! It was good for me to be able to go up and be with the leaders and girls. It was so nice to get to know them all better and get to know the girls on a different level outside of church. I have loved my calling as a Laurel advisor. I have also gotten to know some of the leaders really well. We got a new YW presidency so I will miss a couple of the leaders that won't be there anymore but I am grateful for the friendships that I have created with them so that we can still go do things. I love both the girls and leaders I work with. The are all such good examples and leaders to me! We have such a great group of YW I am so proud of all of them. They all got along and were so willing to participate in everything and help were needed. These girls are such great examples to me of service and what it is all about. I was so glad to go up and get to spend that time to be able to feel like a YW again. To laugh and giggle and just be silly. Also I was so spiritually uplifted while I was there, which was something I have needed. I forgot while being up there away from everything how close you are to Heavenly Father and can feel of his sweet spirit and love. The main subject that they focused on up there was individual worth. Which is so easy for Young women to forget that they have, I even do for that matter. Especially in the world we live in today. You are not worth anything in this world if your not pretty, skinny, rich or anything else that falls in the category! You don't realize that none of that matters in the eyes of our maker. It was so good to feel that all again and be set straight on "my individual worth and who Amy is and where I came from"! Sometimes it is so easy to get distracted and loose sight of what really matters and is important. So it was so nice to have a little reminder and upliftment from that. I love these girls and especially these leaders. The leaders put in a lot of time and hard work for these girls something I didn't realize myself as a YW. I was so glad to have gone up there, although I wish I could have gone a little longer (I know I am crazy) maybe next year!I just want to thank my mother in law for watching my kids so it made it possible for me to go. I know I really needed to be there and was so glad I was.

The night of Testimony meeting it hailed dime size hail....kind of crazy.


Meg said...

loved this! Loved seeing you at the sweet camp SHalom in the pictures.. Ames I will watch your kids ANYTIME if it was going to make it so you could be there with youth of the church.. good leaders are SOOO important!

Dave and Corey Johnson said...

You look way to cute to be at Camp!