Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"We like to PARTY like it's the Summer of 2009"

So I can't help that within my immediate family all of are birthdays fall within four weeks of each others! So needless to say it's been crazy around here with birthdays and that is just our family! We first started off with Easton's Birthday on June 16th! My baby boy turned 5! Here is the birthday boy!

I told him since he was the BIG number 5 he could have a friend party. So he chose to go to Color Me Mine. The kids ate pizza and then painted the ceramic figurines of their choice. I think they all had a great time. We had cupcakes and then opened presents.

Here are all the kidlets he invited (from left to right) Brittney, Ragen, Sadie, Hunter, Easton and Ryken. (sorry moms if I spelled any of their names wrong)

Later that night Easton chose to go eat at one of his favorites; Costa Vida :) Then we had my family over for cake and ice-cream.
Here is the birthday boy posing with one of his gifts, batman sword and cape what more could you ask for?


Always have to get a family photo as these events lol

Grandma Jackie with the girls

Every year I let Easton pick out his cake. This year......BATMAN!

Blowing out his candles. They were trick candles.....so needless to say it took awhile!

Hunter helping his cousin out

Still trying to blow them out!

Devin turned 30!!!

On June 21st, I can't believe he is that old! For anyone that knows my hubby knows he does not like big toodoes especially when it comes to him. So imagine to my disappointment not being able to throw him a big old party. I would have but I know him well enough by now he would have a better birthday and enjoy himself if I didn't make such a big fuss. So since it was his birthday and all I didn't so turning 30 for him was just like turning 29! Since his birthday was on a Sunday the night before we went to Red Lobster with his parents for dinner. It was really good.

Here we are outside in the parking lot after dinner

Easton and Gracie messin around in the car after dinner

On Sunday it was Father's day/Devin's 30th birthday so double whammy there! We had my family over along with Dev's parents for dinner and to celebrate the dad's and Devin.

My husband is weird and doesn't like cake (tell me about it) anyway so his mom made his favorite. It is called dirt dessert, weird name but very good.

Blowing out the candles, he was 3 instead of 30! Easton helping out.

Grace Girl turned 1!

I can't believe my sweet baby girl is one years old! On July 1st Gracie turned one. We had my family over again for another party at the Jensen home to celebrate Gracie. We barbecued for dinner and it was really good.

The happy birthday girl

Her ballet cake (since someday that is what she will be ;) isn't it so cute!!!

Easton and Grandpa

The three girls, it's almost Hallie's turn and then she will be one just like Gracie and Ire!

My favorite little girl in the whole world

Of course another family picture

Gracie trying out her cake, is very cautious not quite sure why all these grown ups are surrounding her and put this big cake right in front of her. Is it ok??

Going for the kill

Mmm,Not so bad! I think I will try this again.

Icing baby

In the tub because she was a huge mess

After her bath and she was all cleaned up it was time for her presents. Here she is trying out the little car we got for her.

Opening some more presents....."Hey I can almost fit in that bag"

Playing with her new baby Aunt Kylie gave her. She loved it she kept giving her loves and would pull her binki in and out of her mouth. My grandma Schroeppel also gave her a stuffed animal and she LOVES stuffed animals she just kept loving that as well, it was so cute.

She likes her car as well

Her and her favorite person ever.....they are clones!

THE END (well for now)


Jamie said...

And now she's walking! Can't believe it. Where does the time go? Cute pictures!

Flores Hayes said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this Morn Creations bag

Dave and Corey Johnson said...

All of your Birthday Cake are absolutely amazing.

Bren and Kels said...

Wow!! I can't believe your baby is already one. I swear we were just working together. It is crazy how time flies.. Looks like you have had a crazy summer. Hope things are going well..